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December 27th, 2008
Fire victim identified

San Marcos fire officials have identified the victim of a fatal Christmas day fire as Aurelio Pastrano, Jr., age 52, (DOB 9/27/56) of 211 Luck Street in San Marcos.Pastrano’s body was found in the bedroom of the home that was engulfed in flames shortly after noon on Christmas day.

Fire Marshal Ken Bell said that the man was positively identified after an autopsy was conducted Friday morning by the Travis County Medical Examiner. No cause of death was released.

Pastrano’s brother, Santos Pastrano was standing barefoot and disoriented in the front yard of the home when firefighters arrived as flames shot from the windows, attic and porch. Firefighters discovered the victim in a bedroom of the home while conducting a search and rescue.

“The fire appears to have originated near a couch in the living room,” Bell said. “However the cause is still under investigation.” Officials are awaiting lab results for a final determination of the cause of the fire.

Santos Pastrano was arrested for public intoxication and was expected to be released Saturday afternoon.

Two firefighters were injured battling the blaze. One suffered a shoulder injury and was transferred to Central Texas Medical Center where he was treated and released. Another suffered minor burns and was treated at the scene.

by Melissa Millecam
City of San Marcos

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0 thoughts on “Fire victim identified

  1. Am I missing something here? A man is standing outside a home that is engulfed in flames and his brother is inside dead, yet that man is arrested at the scene for public intoxication. I would think that if the house wasn’t on fire, he’d have been inside, not in “public.”

    I’d be interested to hear an explanation as to why this arrest was not unnecessarily cruel.

  2. Robyn you bring up a great point! Newstreamz can you send one of your reporters to find this out for us? is this standard practice? or is it a set up to arrest someone?

  3. Unnecessarily cruel? What? Did you even READ the news on this story? The guy told police and fireman “no one was inside” yet his brother was inside–dead!!! Of course he is going to be arrested, drunk or not!!! And, fyi, public intoxication does include being in your front yard! Perhaps if you take the time to READ various sources of the news then you’d know the arrested person is a suspect in the death of his brother—sounds like a good reason to arrest him to me! Geez, why do you try to make up conclusions without looking at the facts first!! Just like the idiots who wanted to let the guy drive 90 mph over a dog! {No, I’m not a cop nor do I know any, but I’m also not going to bash them for doing their job correctly either!!!}.

  4. Santos has had a long history of trouble with the law. I believe he is mentally unstable/challenged as well as constantly drunk. According to an employee of mine, Santos bragged about being able to chew on broken glass and that he had hit his brother over the head with a baseball bat while he was asleep. I think the police may have wanted to question him and keep him away from the scene, and as he was intoxicated, this was a legitimate way to do so.

  5. Gee, Max. You seem to be screaming at me for no good reason. I clearly said I’d be interested in hearing why this wasn’t unnecessarily cruel. And I acknowledged the fact that I might be missing something.

    Thanks, Kyle, for a reasonable, rational response.

  6. Also, Max, I’m not aware of anyone wanting someone to drive over a dog at 90 mph. THAT would be unnecessarily cruel.

  7. Robyn, Im glad you didnt get beligerent at Max, although he deserves it, and instead were able to stay classy. I agree with you in finding out all the details regarding Santos’ arrest. On another note, the 90 mph incident refered in the previous comments, is in reference to the ridiculous actions that took place over Missy. She died on her way to a New Braunfels 24-hr Animal Hospital. If you look up articles on Missy on Newstreamz’ search bar you’ll be caught up with those details. Missy proved how great San Marcos Police really are.

  8. Yes, Sarcasm, I knew what incident Max was referring to. That was my lame attempt at humor at Max’s grammatical expense.

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