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December 27th, 2008
A One Way Ticket to Mexico – Part 1

I have decided to keep everyone up to date on all of the randomly hilarious things that happened to me along the way and in Mexico. Pardon any mistakes seeing as Word is in Spanish and therefore tells me everything is spelled wrong. The keyboards suck and if you hit the back button it can stick and take EVERYTHING out. Type carefully. So, noting this fact, my first message may not be as long as the rest of them to come. We´ll see.

On to the story.

First things first. The idea for a trip to Mexico started off bad. I ended up buying a one way ticket there instead of a round trip, so I have a one way ticket to Mexico. I told you, things got started off on the wrong foot. Then comes the 24 hour bus ride down there. I have one suitcase with everything in it and a backpack full of books. I´m headed out from San Marcos to San Antonio. Upon arriving I´m told they will transfer my suitcase from the bus I´m on to the bus I´m going to continue onto.

Well, lets just say that didn´t work out. They never brought it over and now I´m officially on my one way trip to Mexico with no clothes, half my money, and 10 times the amount of books I need.

Next, we cross over the border (about the same time I learn my luggage is gone) and we have to go through customs. I walk up with just my backpack full of books and seem to make it through just fine. That is until I get to the line of the human stop light. I´m not sure whats up but everyone steps in front of this stop light, presses a button, and the light goes green or red. Green you walk on and red. . . well, I wasn´t sure what red did because so far everyone´s light had turned green. That is of course until little gringo gets up to the human stop light. They guy with a huge machine gun says something in a language I can´t understand and points to the button. I press it, the light turns red and I am oh so kindly escorted into another room. You want to talk about scared.

After they open my backpack and say its ok they ask for my molletas, a word I recently learned while trying to explain my one molletas, a suitcase, was missing. I once again try to explain. Problem is they seem to think I´m hiding my suitcase to try and keep them from seeing something. Needless to say they were upset. They ask simple questions I can understand.

“How long are you staying?” I tell them one month.

“And you brought a backpack with no clothes?”

“PERDI MI MOLLETAS EN LA SAN ANTONIO!” (I believe I´m telling them again that I lost my suitcase in San Antonio)

Finally, they wave me back to the bus. As I walk back the only person who speaks English (and I say that lightly), a German Exchange student,walks up to me. I had told him about my molletas and he saw the big guy with a bigger gun take me into another room. He offered some words of comfort. “It´s not yours today.” I think he was trying to say it´s not your day

If he was, then he was right.

To Be Continued…

by Dalton Sweat
International Correspondent

Photo courtesy of Dalton Sweat

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0 thoughts on “A One Way Ticket to Mexico – Part 1

  1. Dalton,

    Have a great trip and we all hope to see you again…………. sometime. Be safe and in the mean time we all hope you come back well read.

  2. He is experiencing some of the same things that friends of mine and myself have experienced with the corrupt , inept, mordida oriented officials of Mexico. Another good reason to leave everything south of the border alone with their crime,poverty and violence..

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