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December 21st, 2008
Students expose household 'energy thieves'

Sixth-grade students at Hernandez Intermediate School have transformed into energy detectives on the case of energy-stealing “culprits” in their homes.

These 411 sixth-graders from Sharon Clevinger’s, Gina Peterson’s, Laschal Canfield’s and Scott McCaskill’s science classes participated in the PowerHouseTM energy investigation program, sponsored by the City of San Marcos Electric Utility.

By conducting an energy investigation at home with their parents, the junior detectives tracked their household energy habits and determined their impact on the environment and natural resources.

The program generates a four-page personalized report that helps students identify energy waste in their homes and learn ways to conserve electricity and water while saving money.

“PowerHouse is an innovative program that teaches students and their families that bad habits like keeping lights on, leaving the refrigerator door open, or setting the thermostat too low on hot summer days can waste natural resources and cost additional money on monthly electric bills,” said Jan Klein, City of San Marcos. “They learn that by making simple changes, each of us can help reduce the overall demand for water and electricity and help ensure that there is enough for many generations to come.”

Since 1998 more than 41,000 students have learned how to use less energy and conserve natural resources, thanks to PowerHouse presentations in 48 schools with 28 utility sponsors. LCRA, which developed the program and offers it to its wholesale customers to sponsor, expects an additional 5,500 students during the 2008-2009 school year.

by Melissa Millecam
City of San Marcos

Jan Klein, City of San Marcos, shows Marcia Tristan how she can help save on her household’s utility cost by using compact fluorescent lighting and programmable thermostats.

Photo courtesy of the City of San Marcos

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One thought on “Students expose household 'energy thieves'

  1. I think this is wonderful! All children in the USA should be a part of the national security force and they should give monthly reports about their carbon foot prints, their homes and family etc… History has proven that children are willing servants when given any kind of power over their parents and families. If we are going to have real CHANGE we must have the children working towards our goals and agendas. Parents are directly responsible for harming the Earth and they must be held accountable for their actions.

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