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The San Marcos City Council has approved economic development incentives of $1.35 million over a 20 year period in support of a multi-million dollar expansion of HEB’s distribution warehouse facilities and the creation of 320 new jobs in San Marcos.The project will double the warehouse size, making it HEB’s largest warehouse to serve its 280 stores.

The City Council Tuesday unanimously approved the Chapter 380 Economic Development Agreement to provide the incentives in the form of refunds of property taxes on qualified new improvements.

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2 thoughts on “San Marcos awards incentives for HEB warehouse expansion [PRO]

  1. Congratulations and thanks to Mayor Narvaiz, City Manager – Rick Menchaca, and ED Director – Amy Madison for a job very well done. We are fortunate to have them all.

  2. Oh yea Bruce, give HEB an incentive even though they would do the expansion anyway. Its just a way for the politicians and the bureaurcrats to pretend they had someting to do with it. It is just pathetic.

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