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December 18th, 2008
Robbery suspects caught in New Braunfels

New Braunfels police on Wednesday caught two suspects alleged to have burglarized vehicles at a San Marcos shopping center.

Police caught Reynaldo Hernandez Jr., 34, and Linda Ann Montez, 21, both of San Antonio, hours after they allegedly had broken into three vehicles at Springtown Mall and another in the 2400 block of Interstate 35 South in San Marcos on Wednesday afternoon.

Police said Hernandez and Montez stole credit cards from the vehicles to go on a spending spree at stores that included J.C. Penney’s and Best Buy before heading down to New Braunfels, where police spotted them driving erratically heading south on I-35 around 12:30 p.m., pulling over their car in the 4800 block of I-35 North. There, they discovered stolen property from the four vehicles that was later recovered by San Marcos police detectives.

Both suspects were booked into the Comal County Jail. Both were charged with three counts of burglary of a vehicle, two counts of credit card abuse, theft of a firearm and identity theft. Hernandez was also charged with several traffic charges. Montez also had an outstanding warrant out of Nueces County.

Two small children traveling with the pair were later released to relatives. Each suspect had bonds totaling over $400,000 and remained in the Comal County Jail on Thursday.

“It was great cooperation between the two police departments,” New Braunfels police chief Ron Everett said Thursday night. “Often times we get calls to combine our efforts, and it certainly works, because there are crimes committed between our two (cities) by (criminals) going up and down Interstate 35.”

by Will Wright
Newstreamz New Braunfels

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0 thoughts on “Robbery suspects caught in New Braunfels

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  2. I am glad that the New Braunfels Chief has chosen to speak publicly about the great work that our Police are doing. It’s my understanding that our own police can no longer comment publically and that is a reflection on the poor choices made by the City in hiring the current leadership team at City Hall

  3. Sergi, HOPE that you are wrong ’cause the 1st Amendment is still in effect and city hall should know that. Maybe besides the pledge of alligence, it should be required that the Bill of Rights be read before all city meetings {and in schools so our kids can learn what Bush and Darth Vader Cheney tried to whittle away with the unpatriot act}
    As we begin a new year, new Presidency, everyone should dust off the Constitution and read over the Amendments, our rights—unless we let those in power squander them for personal gain!

  4. My understanding from some folks at another Law enforcement entity (who were having a good chuckle over this one) is that all press releases about crime have to be vetted by our new City Manager. It seems like suppressing news of crime will help us over come a perception problem. While I am a defense attorney, I rather fight crime the old fashion way, by keeping good officers on the streets, recruiting and training new ones from the local area who know the town and keeping the locals apprised about what’s going on.

    Another thing that is bothering me is that we are losing or about to lose to many veteran officers who either grew up here or have served our community for many years. We lost Herzog over stupid administrative issues and the word is that many others are about to retire. I am really worried about our police and the loss of years of experience. These guys are valuable and know our community. I really urge our City leaders to address this issue before its too late.

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