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December 17th, 2008
Some Internet services out throughout city

Several San Marcos residents reported Internet outages throughout the area. Starting this morning large parts of San Marcos were left without Internet coverage. When asked sources at CenturyTel, one of San Marcos’ largest phone and Internet providers, could not state a cause for the outage but expressed hope that it will be up and running again by 5 PM this evening.

When pressed a CenturyTel spokesman said only, “It is CenturyTel’s policy not to divulge information on outages.”

from Staff Reports

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  1. UPDATE: Newstreamz spoke with Tracey Moses at CenturyTel who apologized for the lack of specificity regarding the outages.

    “They are still unable to pinpoint the issue but it has something to do with events in Arkansas,” said Moses.

    If service is still spotty CenturyTel customers are asked to call 1-800-809-1410 (high speed) or 1-888-872-7313 (dial up) to report any problems.

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