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County Courthouse gets new heaters

The Hays County Courthouse got some help in dealing with the recent cold as several new heating units were lowered into place Wednesday afternoon.

“We are replacing the old heat exchangers that are not working with ‘packaged units’ that have both the air conditioning and heating units combined,”  said Ron Knott, Hays County Maintenance and Renovations Supervisor. “We tried to do this on early Monday morning but there were 20-to 25-mile an hour gusts that made the crane work impossible.”

According to courthouse workers there has been no heat in the building recently.

“At this point, none of the heaters are working, so it’s cool inside, alright, but not real bad,” said Maintenance Librarian Tomas Medina.

Getting the new units up to the rood of the Courthouse proved problematic. The crane being used to lift the units had to be repositioned several times to avoid damaging the trees on the Courthouse lawn. Additionally traffic on Hopkins St. was delayed while the units were being lifted up to the roof.

from Staff Reports

Photos by Sean Wardwell