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Council names appointments to city boards and commissions

San Marcos City Council made the following appointments to city boards and commissions at their December 16th meeting.

Airport Commission: Theodore Dake, Jr., MD; Charles Nash; Bobby Roden

Animal Shelter Advisory Committee: Mary Lou Katchen; David Salazar; Jeff C. Jorgensen; Frank Cheatham

Arts Commission: Eva Carmena Doty; Carol Garcia; Valerie Short; Lisa Marie Coppoletta

Beautification Commission: Mark Carter; Bryan Davis; Robert T. Doerr

Construction Board of Appeals
: Walter Mott; Curtis Briggs

Convention and Visitors Bureau Advisory Board: Mark Hendricks; Michelle Kvanli; Tom Pugh; Richard Weik; Jason Byrd; Lorena Garcia; Chris Jones

Economic Development Board
: Bruce Tifft; Don Nash; Kevin Carswell; Charles Austin; John Thomaides

Efficiency Task Force
: Pam Couch; Fred A. Terry; John Campsmith; Earl Studdard; Barry Brittain; John Meeks; Sue Hardin

Ethics Review Commission: Tom McNair; Toby Hooper; Carter Morris

Finance and Audit Committee: Susan Narvaiz; Pam Couch; Kim Porterfield; Rick Menchaca; Steve Parker; Collette Jamison

Historic Preservation Commission: Thea Dake; Ollie Giles

Housing Authority Board: Stacy Green; Rose Brooks

Human Services Advisory Board: Lupe Costilla; David R. Ross; Karen Julian; Mark A. Newton; Sean D. Wardwell

Library Board: Mary Pendergast; James Wilson; Donna Swinney

Main Street Advisory Board: Molly Ann Salinas-Gonzales; Steve Searle; Gaylord Bose; Mark Gonzales; David Peterson; Dave Newman; Charles Blue; Michael Harper

Parks and Recreation Board
: Gary Aalen; Ron Riggins; Michelle Bussemey; Ben Kvanli

Planning and Zoning Commission
: Sherwood Bishop; Allen Shy; Curtis Seebeck

San Marcos-Hays County Emergency Medical Services Board
: Susan Narvaiz; Petra Landry

Sunset Advisory Commission: Ani Yazedjian Hensleigh; Jim Pendergast; Mark Occhialini; David Brown; Helen Cook; Louis Benavides; Rebecca Conley

Tax Increment Financing Reinvestment Zone No. Two: Steve Parker

Transportation Advisory Board: Michael “Andy” Howard; Phillip Sladek; Ted Marchut; Jamar Keating; Brad McAllister

Youth Commission: Ani Yazedjian Hensleigh; JoAnne Prado

Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals: Lisa Spencer; Roland Bolden, III; Pax Chagnon; Gary Gooch

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