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December 17th, 2008
Commissioners to hold open meeting Monday to discuss new Sheriff

Hays County Commissioners will meet Monday, Dec 22, at 2 PM at the County Courthouse to discuss making an appointment to fill the vacant Sheriff’s position. The public is invited to attend and comment.

from Staff Reports

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0 thoughts on “Commissioners to hold open meeting Monday to discuss new Sheriff

  1. Latest Sheriff advisory…Don Montague is up to his back door antics again attempting to have Jimmy Walker “Bo” Kidd appointed by Hays County Commissioners as the next Hays County Sheriff. First of all, Bo Kidd is the ex-son in law of Montague. Don’t let this fool you, Bo Kidd is still in good graces with the Montague’s. Also, Kidd has a history that Montague or anyone else forgot to mention. First there’s the DWI…oops, forgot to mention that one. Then there is the matter of “hot checks”….wow forgot that one also. Then there is the Driving While License is Suspended. These records are public record if you know where to look…I encourage anyone to research Mr. Kidd’s past record. Now to Mr. Montague. Montague is working for a state agency, Texas State University, running the ALLERT Training center. I wonder if Texas State understands or conveniently turns their head for the illegal campaigning Montague did for Huddleston while on Texas State payroll time. I wonder if Texas State is aware or just conveniently turning their heads while Montague is campaigning for Kidd while on Texas State payroll time. Make no mistake about it, Montague is jockeying for position with anyone that he can manipulate within the sheriffs office who can help him or his friends out. Texas State should be pleased with Montague’s duel role as an employee and also as a lobbyist. Montague needs to face the music and do what he was hired to do with Texas State and stay out of politics, especially while on state time, or resign from Texas State and return to the political arena and run for sheriff again. Now back to Kidd. Do we really want a sheriff with little or no experience who has a cloudy past with the law or should we look elsewhere. I think we all know the right answer to this question. Now you know the rest of the story.

  2. Whoa, larry! Some interesting facts, to be sure. But wrong on one count: just because Montague is a university employee does NOT mean he gives up his constitutional rights to be involved politically. While he can not do so during his workday, he is more than free to do WHATEVER he wants {as are all university employees} on his off time—-including helping Huddleston or Kidd or you! I think you are confusing state employees with federal employees, the latter of whom are governed by the Hatch Act. Besides, if Montague was as effective as you seem to think, why did Huddleston lose???

  3. wow. larry, where did you get your facts on the dwi? i don’t think that don is the only one stumping in the county these days. you wouldn’t be an “insider” now would you?

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