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December 16th, 2008
BREAKING NEWS: No Sheriff appointment from Commissioners Court today

Hays County Commissioners today opted not to fill the vacancy left by the passing of Sheriff Allen Bridges. The court decided to instead consider the matter on Monday in both open and executive sessions.

“Emotions are raw and still very high,” said Precinct 4 Commissioner Karen Ford, with County Judge Liz Sumter agreeing. Commissioners Jeff Barton and Debbie Ingalsbe both concurred leaving only Precinct 3 Commissioner Will Conley advocating for the  appointment of Chief Deputy Sherman Brodbeck.

The court will meet Monday, December 22 to discuss appointing a new Sheriff. No time for that meeting has been posted yet.

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0 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: No Sheriff appointment from Commissioners Court today

  1. Seriously, with so many well qualified people wanting the job..and the significant importance of the job… we should have a special election and LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE–that’s called “democracy”!!
    This office does not belong to any one family or party. It belongs to the people of Hays County.

  2. If there are people in the dept wanting a certain person to fill this position for personal gain then that isn’t going to work. We already have to much of that going on in this town. I say a former Texas Ranger! Do we know how to bring a special vote to the community on this issue or would that beto time consuming to direct it to staff and all?

  3. Lets appoint a former Texas Ranger?? With his vast experience in traffic law (ticket writing)and investigation cops….great moral buster. Beside didn’t he already make a commitment to the citizens of Hays County to be the Justice of the Peace in Buda, sounds like a real ego thing to me. I say we appoint someone from the inside who KNOWS the sheriff’s office and KNOWS what is best for the department and the growth of the county. Why cause more turmoil in the sheriff’s office, they have had enough in recent months with the election and the passing of Sheriff Bridges. I hope that the commissioners appoint Bo Kidd as the next sheriff and they can get back to business and not disater.

    And just so you know the laws of Texas say that you can not have an election on this until 2010.

  4. Nice spin on the rangers. No it takes a little more than knowledge of traffic law but again good try. And yes he did get appointed as the Justice of the Peace with the full support and approval of the late sheriff. But what a better way to serve the citizens of Hays County as the next sheriff.

  5. The slam on the Texas Rangers and what they actually do is totally unnecessary, factually incorrect, and just plain stupid!! {while they CAN write tickets, that job is left to local law enforcement—like the sheriff’s department—and to the Texas Highway Patrol, of which they are a part but Rangers have duties that keep them occupied elsewhere}. Having known several Rangers over the years, in various parts of the state, I can tell you that the vast majority are well qualified to run a sheriff’s department both from an administrative standpoint and law enforcement. And if “Really’s” comments about “turmoil” in sheriff’s department are accurate—assuming “really” works there based on words and thus has inside knowledge—then perhaps a Ranger is just what IS needed… why promote from within the deparment if it has been in “turmoil” during the past couple of years??? That would be dumb to continue same trend, right?

  6. Don’t believe everything you hear or read about Texas Rangers. The turmoil that I think he was talking about is probally the stress from the elections and wondering who there boss is going to be, not internal problems. I know Tommy, Bo, and Sherman, and respect all of them, but I have to say that the best thing is to come from the inside. You there are going to be changes no matter who gets in there…some good and some bad. I just feel that Tommy has already commited to the JP job in Buda and he needs to be a man of his word and stay with that, he has already made a promise and a commitment to the people to serve as JP. I do agree with other commits on this site in saying that we do not need another Retired on The Job running the department.

    Sherman has run the department in the past. Bo has superivsed both the patrol divsion at around 80 employees and the organized and run the the Buda Contract Division. BOth have the necessary admin skills for the job.

    Tommy has supervised no one and has done criminal investigations for the last 20 years as a ranger. He has no budget experience and no experience managing a division or people.

    Tommy needs to be JP and lets find someone from the inside for the Sheriff’s Office.

    Then in 2010 lets have an election and they can fight it out then.

  7. The only turmoil within the department is coming from all of the back door politics. It appears from the posts that the department has been divided and it is a complete embarassment to the Sheriff’s Department, the citizens of Hays County and to Sheriff Bridges. It would be tragic for anyone within the current administration to be appointed as proven by their behavior.

  8. San Marcos — County Commissioner Jeff Barton said Monday he will nominate a former Texas Ranger to be justice of the peace in Hays County.

    Barton said he will recommend Tommy Ratliff to fill the JP Pct. 5 seat that will soon be vacated by Judge Lamont Ramage. The district includes Buda, Niederwald and the Hays City areas.

    Ratliff recently retired from the Texas Rangers as sergeant, after 21 years of service.

    He was the Ranger for the Hays, Caldwell and Blanco Counties, and opened the first permanent Ranger office in Hays County. He investigated major crimes, allegations against law enforcement, and public corruption.

    Before becoming a Ranger, Ratliff spent a dozen years as a highway patrolman with the Department of Public Safety. He is a graduate of Texas State University.

    “Tommy Ratliff exemplifies public service,” Barton said. “I’ve consulted people in law enforcement, in the judiciary, and throughout the community. Everyone who knows him testifies to his high ethical standards and well-grounded common sense. He has the character to follow a distinguished line of community justices in Buda.”

    I think the last paragraph speaks for itself. How could Mr. Ratliff not make a great Sheriff for Hays County.

  9. From reading these articles it seems there are a lot of promblems going on at the Sheriff’s Department. News 8 showed a bunch of Sheriff’s Department supervisors at the court this past week. Who was running the office? In the last few years I have noticed several officers have been arrested, there have been several lawsuits and now the news is reporting that an inmate died in the jail. What kind of leadership has been running the department the last few years that there are so many problems. Seems like an outside person is the best and most logical answer at this point. If Commissioner Jeff Barton will endorse Ranger Ratliff it seems his experience and character is exactly what Hays County needs in a Sheriff.

  10. I agree, too much “turmoil” at Sheriff’s department last few years—admitted by their own people writing in here—means it’s time for an outside person to clean up and take command!! Bring on the Texas Ranger, Comm. Barton! Great idea where command and integrity are essential elements to success.

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