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December 15th, 2008
Bridges family asks that Chief Deputy Brodbeck be appointed sheriff

During a press conference on Monday morning, December 15, 2008, the Bridges family expressed their gratitude to Hays County citizens for their support as the family grieves the tragic loss of the late Sheriff Allen Bridges.

“Hays County lost a faithful, unwavering servant,” said Kathy Bridges, the late Sheriff’s wife. “My family and I want to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible love and support you have shown for us during this most difficult time.”

The family also named Chief Deputy Sherman Brodbeck as their preferred replacement for Hays County Sheriff.  Bridges spoke of her late husband’s admiration of Chief Deputy Brodbeck and called on the Commissioner’s Court to act quickly.

“Allen chose Chief Brodeck, calling him back from retirement, because Allen knew he was a true man of integrity, with natural leadership qualities and above all, honesty. I ask that this appointment of Chief Brodbeck be confirmed by this Court tomorrow morning,” Bridges said.

After the Bridges family delivered their statement, County Commissioner Will Conley stepped up to the podium to answer questions about the process of filling the Sheriff’s position.  Conley, a close friend of the Bridges family, noted that the Court “…has a process in which we are now required by law to fulfill an appointment for the next 24 months.”

Conley expressed his opinion that in order to create a smooth transition, the appointment of Sheriff should come from within the Sheriff’s office. “It’s a huge position, one of the major positions in the County and I think that it would be appropriate for the next 24 months to fill that position with somebody internal within the office. If you have something working correctly, then why change it now?” asked Conley.

Conley estimates that there have been 15 to 20 people who have expressed interest in the Sheriff’s position and that Deputy Brodbeck would only fulfill the appointment of Sheriff for the next 24 months and has no intentions of running in the next election, leaving the seat of Sheriff open in 2010. According to Conley, this issue will be on the Commissioners Court agenda tomorrow morning and will be open for public discussion around 9:30 am.

Story and photos by Christina Zambrano

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0 thoughts on “Bridges family asks that Chief Deputy Brodbeck be appointed sheriff

  1. I wonder why the family of the deceased sheriff is making public their personal preferences for the filling of the office of the fallen Hays County sheriff? Is this a normal part of the political process? Every citizen of Hays county has their own preferred replacement in mind, I’m sure. It just seems odd to me, especially at such a time of terrible grieving, to be publicly endorsing a potential candidate for an elected office.

  2. “Conley expressed his opinion that in order to create a smooth transition, the appointment of Sheriff should come from within the Sheriff’s office”

    Bill Huddleston worked as a Hays County Deputy for 19 years, responded to calls in every Hays County district, was a Patrol Supervisor, SWAT Commander, Narcotics Investigator Federal DEA Task Force, Criminal Investigation Detective, former Marine, holds a BBA in Business Administration and has 12 years of administrative experience running his own successful construction company. How can anyone be more qualified to provide leadership, continuity and come from within the Sheriff’s Office?

    How can the Commissioners over look someone who garnered 26,000 votes, losing by an unprecedented 5% margin to an incumbent? The fact that this many VOTERS chose Bill Huddleston, who ran a remarkable grassroots campaign, over an incumbent who knew how to use the media to promote his election agenda and would not meet his opponent in open debate forums is a clear indication of who the people wanted as their next sheriff. If the Commissioners will not consider the will of the people but will choose according to politically expedient criteria one can only conclude that the political process is alive and well in Hays County and that integrity in politics is an oxymoron.

  3. So far we’ve got Sherman Brodbeck, Bill Huddleston, Bo Kidd, Sherman Brodbeck, and Ranger Tommy Ratliff all saying they want the job. And Will Conley says there are 15 or 20 interested folks! The last election was pretty contentious with only 2 guys on the ballot. How will they choose the ‘right guy’?
    How long does it take to put together a special election? A month? 6 weeks? Where’s the fire? With the Commissioner’s Court being so divisive these days, I’d like to hear from the candidates myself and vote, please.

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