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December 11th, 2008
Woman arrested after truck crashes into apartment; 12 year old injured in bed

San Marcos Police have arrested a 25-year old woman for intoxication assault after she backed a pickup truck into an apartment at the Villas at Willow Springs, injuring a 12 year old boy.Police said Natascha Corke, (DOB 08-15-83) was intoxicated when she backed a Ford F150 nearly 92 feet across the parking lot, crashing into an apartment about 12:54 a.m. Thursday. She was identified as the assistant manager for the complex, located at 1506 I-35 South in San Marcos.

Witnesses told police that they saw the wheels of the truck spin out and then the truck crashed into the apartment after traveling 91.7 feet across the parking lot. A 12 year old boy was asleep in his bed adjacent to the wall through which the truck crashed.

Police said the victim was alert when EMS arrived but he was transported to Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin with possible head injuries.

Police arrested Corke for intoxication assault and took a mandatory blood draw. Results of the test are pending. She was taken to the Hays County Law Enforcement Center and Justice of the Peace JoAnne Prado set bond at $100,000.

The building did not suffer major structural damage, officials said.

by Melissa Millecam
City of San Marcos

Photo courtesy of SMPD

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0 thoughts on “Woman arrested after truck crashes into apartment; 12 year old injured in bed

  1. Will keeping bars open till 2 am help or deter this problem Ted? I don’t know the facts, she could have been at home drinking on her way to a bar, a party, the store for more drink?… I’m not sure, as is anybody, what the % of student population voted on this matter. My guess is as good as anybody’s.

  2. Bars staying open later may or may not help with the apparent epidemic of drunks crashing into residences.

    Whether it helps or not, it is safe to say that there is far more that we could do.

  3. I’m pulling facts from the SMPD 2007 report available at

    In 2007, SMPD made 139 DWI arrests (p. 67).

    In 2007, the SMPD K-9 unit alone made 96 arrests for possession of marijuana (p. 62).

    Is this what the SM police chief meant by saying they don’t have the resources to combat drunk driving? They sure do have the resources to arrest, book, and charge people for having a PLANT.

  4. Breaking the law is breaking the law. there is no way to know for sure how many accidents may have been caused due to the slow reflexes or bad perception of someone under the influence of marijuana because it cannot be tested for in the body the same way that alcohol can. I have heard and understand the facts and reasons why alcohol is more harmful than marijuana, but until things change, the fact remains- both are illegal, and both consume police time and pose dangers on the highway.

  5. Ted I wouldn’t quite call it an ‘epidemic’ yet and that is the good news. I do remeber you at one point stating that the parties in your area are sometimes too loud. So let’s say I am at one of those parties and well I get primed and guess what…I still have time for a late last call. So I drive and well you make up the ending……..The fact is that money is what is generating this issue once again. I understand for profit and capitalism and all that. And guess what we’re getting a new bar, actually two. And Mr. Shy and Mr. Gregson will profit from this as well as they should. But at what price? I drink but I designate a driver or I just don’t go. The few, the proud, the alive and well. I hope the child involved will lead a healthy and good life.

  6. I have known Natasha for the past two years. We have done business together in real estate. She is a professional and it is sad to see her in this current position. She made a mistake. I can assure you that backing up 92 feet into the apartment building was done with a shred of maliciousness. The bond set at 100K is RIDICULOUS!!! I hope that the child makes a speedy recovery. Natasha has shown that she is a Human Being and people make mistakes. What I fear is that the Powers That Be want to make an example out this particular situation as an example of why the bars should not be open till 2am. This city is STARVING and utilizing the Square as a mini Bourbon Street / 6th Street would be a Great Start in making this town self sufficient. I believe that Natasha will own up to her responsibilites as she has always shown in the professional arena.

    Infinite Happiness to all San Martians!
    Evolve thru Unconditional LOVE.
    The San Martian.

  7. San Martian I really don’t think we need a ‘mini’ example of anything. The city is not starving maybe it’s just you that is starving. Sure Natasha will be and example. Just as we all have been at one point in are life, good or bad. And sure she had to learn the hard way. So why don’t you bail her out and help her along the way. She will need a friendan ‘unconditional’ friend. And the 100k she was lucky it was Prado or it could have been even more. I know Natasha and well it struck me as surprised as you were. But yeah she will be the poster child of why drinking and driving just don’t mix. I wish her a speedy recovery as well.

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