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December 8th, 2008
Zombies invade the square

Texas State students gathered Saturday night in heavy ghoulish makeup and blood soaked tattered garb at the N. LBJ bus loop for a first annual zombie walk. Spearheading the march was Texas State Junior Kaycee Toller who got the idea from participating in a zombie walk in San Antonio. Zombie walks which consist of a group of individuals dressed as zombies limping through public areas are relatively popular in larger cities around the United States. Toller, who listed the event on Facebook and hoped attendees would invite friends, wanted a fun alternative for students before finals.

The group which consisted of almost thirty “zombified” participants descended upon the campus at around 8:30 p.m. and spilled into Jones Dining Hall. Confused spectators stayed at their tables and watched with interest as zombies remained in character grunting, groaning and moaning as they moved sluggishly through the dining hall. The zombies continued onto the square where most people seemed more entertained than scared. Many cars slowed down to look and several individuals pulled out cameras to take pictures of the mob as they made their way towards little H-E-B. Upon arriving at the grocery store, the zombies sustained their slow zombie pace through the front end where costumers and store employees watched intently. H-E-B Manager Matthew Macias was a bit confused by the mob but didn’t stop them as walked through as they were not disorderly nor chaotic. “My first thought was that these people have too much time on their hands, but it’s refreshing to see something different,” said Macias.

The zombies sped up pace as they crossed E. Hopkins Street toward Tantra Coffee House where many ordered beverages and sat down to rest. “It’s pretty tiring being a zombie,” said participant Jon Bret Whittaker who was clad in bloody cowboy attire. After departing from Tantra, the zombies traveled back down Hopkins and dispersed at the Hays County Courthouse. Toller thanked all the attendees and wished everyone luck on their impending destinations.

Participant Alex Zottarelli found the experience to be a unique way to have fun and would partake in future walks. “It was something different than the normal dressing up and out. It was also a good break from studying for finals,” said Zottarelli.

by Ashley Cass

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