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December 8th, 2008
Band of the Week: Word Association

The Word Association is a group of hip-hop and rap artists that perform monthly here in San Marcos at the Triple Crown. Comprised of Jaysin, DJ Crown, Omari Kamau, Park Nasty,Muggzy Flowz, Sigma Prime, and Chief, none of whom choose to go by their real names, they perform sets as varied and unique as the artists themselves.

“The best way to describe it would be like minds with similar interests,” said Park Nasty. “We just ran into each other over time. Some guys went to school here, some grew up here. In Fall of 2002 we started meeting up at one of our producers’ apartments. We were just talking about music, it wasn’t necessarily making music at the time it was just ‘everybody rap’ or ‘this guy rap’ or ‘this guy D.J.’, and all of a sudden songs just started coming from it.”

“Spread the Word is monthly, the first Saturday of every month at the Triple Crown,” said Park Nasty. The sixth anniversary of Spread the Word was Saturday. This one benefitted Hays County Food Bank, South Side Community Center, and Toys for Tots. “Normally it’s just our Monthly [show] where we perform as a group or one of the guys has some new [material]. We introduce things. Whenever we drop an album, we drop it here for the first time, then spread out. I really like the Triple Crown. It’s been good to us.”

“We can come down here and one of us can get on stage and rock the house if we have to, or all of us can get on stage. We can do anything.”

Park Nasty’s influences are broad, and include many hip-hop and rap artists spanning from the ’70s to modern times. “Everyone writes their own lyrics. We’ll collaborate on hooks occasionally but everyone writes their own. Whatever someone says is what they wrote.”

As far as influences go, Chief is a little more unconventional. “It’s just living with my eyes and ears open and checking things out. As far as musicians I’m a big Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan fan. I don’t really find a lot of hip-hop inspiration aside from my peers here,” said Chief. “We’re not really coming from the same generic hip-hop mindset.”

“We’ve done humongous show and we’ve done little shows. Wherever the people are into having a good time, that’s my favorite place to play,” said Chief.

“From a crew standpoint, none of us are the same. It’s the truth that no one in our crew is the same in the way we perform, the way we look, the way we act, the way we talk, or the way we rap,” said Park Nasty.

The Word Association has garnered something of a following here in San Marcos. Many fans are sure to catch them at least on a monthly basis, and they’re not afraid to make requests. “There are some songs that people really dig, there’s this track called ‘Spellbound’ and we can’t go anywhere and not do it. I had three people ask for that song just tonight,” said Park Nasty.

After dispensing their particular kind of hip-hop for the last six years, the Word Association has no intention of changing any of that now. “I don’t want to have to work a day job,” said Chief, “and I still want to be able to do what I want to do making music and working with people.”

“Don’t be scared of new music, and don’t fear the unknown. Embrace it, you’ll live more. It won’t hurt you, it’s just music.”

For more information on the Word Association, visit the Triple Crown on the first Saturday of the month, or go to or

by Sarah Stevens

Photos by Christina Zambrano

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