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December 3rd, 2008
Letter to the Editor: Music saved my life

Dear Editor,

I lost my Mom when I was 6 years old to a car accident. Losing her at such a young age has always made remembering things about her very difficult. But, the one thing I will never forget is her singing to me. I remember how beautiful her voice was and how it always made me feel happy and safe. As I grew up I began to sing myself. The more I sang the more people said I reminded them of her. I began to realize that I had been given a special gift. I had my Mother’s voice!Music began to grow in my life in ways that I never could have imagined. I was so fortunate that San Marcos had a music program in its schools. Choir was my saving grace! I worked my way through school and trying times just waiting for the next concert, musical or competition. Music kept me going. It inspired me to do great things in my life! I don’t know where I would be today if it were not for the San Marcos music programs, the amazing Choir Teachers and the friends I made there!

You can only imagine how honored I was when I was asked to come back and perform at the San Marcos High School’s 1st Annual Generations of Art Holiday Concert Spectacular. This will be a special benefit concert where Alumni join current high school students and special guests for an evening of fun. How often do we get a chance to give back to something that has given so much to us? Music changed my life. It is so important to keep music in our schools! I have two young daughters now who love music just as much as me. They love to sing! Thank goodness our San Marcos School District still has a music program!

To learn more about attending the benefit concert, or how you can help, please contact Ryan Patrick Perkins at 512-396-9424. Thank you for your help and support!

With a song in my heart,

Keri Eben
San Marcos, TX

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  1. I loved every word that i read, and i found this very inspiring. I am a senior in high school and i am writing a paper on music and how it has been a complete life changer. I, myself am a musician and i would love to hear more from other musicians around the country for my research paper. If you have any helpful information, please contact me at the e-mail address above…Thanks!!

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