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  • Nov 25, 2008
  • Sean Wardwell
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November 25th, 2008
Triple Crown celebrates 12 years in San Marcos

The Triple Crown celebrated it’s 12th Anniversary this past Sunday with a full day of live music and . The bands playing included many local artists like Bob King, The Christophers, R.C. Banks, Paul Wilson, and Wasted Youth.

“It’s usually a nice little low-key affair,” said Allen Manning, owner of the Triple Crown, “we don’t try to make too much of it. We will in a couple more years. That’s when we’ll be celebrating, if we can make it. On our 14th anniversary we can truly celebrate our 5,000th consecutive day of live music.”

“We opened on November 22 of 1996. Our first full month of live music, that we can document, is February of 1997. We had music every single day, and we’ve had music here every day since.”

Along with free food and a solid line-up of local talent, there was a continuous raffle for free Triple Crown t-shirts. The tickets were distributed at the door. Onstage between sets, Manning read the winning ticket numbers and Eric Shaw took care of the distribution of the shirts. “[Eric Shaw] is the publicity guy. He books all the bands, he puts all the ads in all the newspapers. He took care of getting all the shirts made this year, which was great. I delegated authority and he made my job a lot easier this year,” said Manning.

“When we initially opened we didn’t think we’d do live music every day. We thought we would do it on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I didn’t know – I was new to live music and I had no idea.”

“I did things that nobody does. All the money we take in at the door goes to the band. I found out later that that’s pretty wacky. And then my sound guy isn’t paid out of the door money; he’s part of the payroll. He comes in and he works the soundboard as part of the payroll,” said Manning. “I have a crew of three or four sound guys that work here regularly. The guy working the board tonight is a guy that has been here [for years]. I’ve got six or seven people that have worked for me at least five years, if not longer. I keep my employees.”

“I can’t run them off! I try. I say that bartending is an occupation, it’s not a career. Go find something to do. But they don’t leave, so… It’s good for me but I don’t think it’s so good for them. They need to go do something for a living.”

This week’s Anniversary Celebration isn’t the only thing slated for this season at the Triple Crown. It goes without saying that there will be live music every day, and this includes the upcoming holidays.

“This is the season of the year that I call the season of crap, because it starts with Halloween and it ends with New Years. I have to fill in,” said Manning. “I have to do things for Halloween, for Thanksgiving, the Anniversary, Christmas, and New Years Eve. One of these years I’m going to find a way to fly out of town on the 30th of October and fly back in on the 2nd of January.”

That year has, thankfully for San Marcos, not arrived yet. On Thanksgiving The Belgraves, Jon Dishon, and Hollow are all performing, beginning at 8pm. Cover will be $5. For more information go to

by Sarah Stevens

(photos by Sean Wardwell)

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  2. Thanks Allen and staff for all the great holidays and parties (and food)(and music). I’ll see you guys tonight.

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