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November 14th, 2008
Newman files for recount in mayoral race


Candidate Dave Newman filed this afternoon for a vote recount, saying the narrow margin by which Mayor Susan Narvaiz avoided a runoff warrants a second look.

In last week’s election, Narvaiz won 6,451 votes, 50.08 percent, to Newman’s 3,868, 30.03 percent, while Texas State University student Dan McCarthy took 2,563 votes, 19.9 percent.

“Approximately half the people out there didn’t vote for the mayor. Those people deserve for me to give it every effort that I could,” Newman said. “I wouldn’t have done it to waste people’s times but obviously the closeness of it makes it worthwhile to investigate the possibility of human error.”

If Narvaiz’s tally falls below 50 percent plus one vote, she and Newman would vie for the office in a runoff election.

Last year, city council member Gaylord Bose kept his seat by three votes and, in 2006, District Attorney Sherri Tibbe won by 23. In both cases, recounts did not change the vote tally much less the outcome.

“I don’t anticipate anything being different but it’s part of the process. I want to know just like everybody else that everything is being done properly,” said Joyce Cowan, the county’s elections administrator.

Newman made a $480 deposit which will be returned to him if the recount changes the election results. The recount is scheduled for 10 a.m. Monday, the same day the city council is expected to canvass the vote results and swear in the winners.

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8 thoughts on “Newman files for recount in mayoral race

  1. What a hassle and a waste of employee’s time. I could understand it if Mr. Newman had almost won but he didn’t (thank you Dan McCarthy). He almost forced a runoff.

  2. Give me a freaking break! The dude looses by 2,500+ votes and he want to waste MY tax dollars on a re-count?? Newman should have to pay for the recount if he does not “win”.

  3. Justa / Narvaiz campaign, Did you even read the article? Newman will pay for the run-off if it does not change the results. That is how it works and he is entitled by law. Additionally, the vote count was 50% plus only 10 votes. Not exactly a landslide. Half of the City did not want her as mayor. If somehow the count does change, just remember….she has lost a run-off campaign for mayor before.

  4. Hahaha, Wendy…Anytime someone sticks up for our mayor they are labeled as being part of her campaign. Sorry, you are completely full of it. I have no ties whatsoever with Susan other than the fact that I think she is a FAR superior candidate for Mayor than Newman who has no clue as to how the city runs.

    The dude got 30% of the vote. You really think he is the one that the city prefers over the candidate that got 50%+?? Hell, by your own logic, we should not like PEOTUS Obama since he only got little over 50% of the vote of the US citizens. I did not vote for him but he won fair and square and will be MY President.

    So if Newman looses a re-count, will it cost him more than the $480 deposit? This is a serious question that I don’t know the answer to already. I took at as meaning that he puts up $480 and if he looses the re-count, then he looses the $480. If my take is correct then that $480 will not come close to covering the cost of a re-count.

  5. More media coverage…. thats all newman wants. If he loses the recount does that make him a two time loser?

  6. My point is, that these are the election rules everyone agrees to BEFORE the election, so whether you think Susan is better or not is irrelevant. You must win with 50% plus one vote. Susan got 10. There is a possibility that out of 12,000 votes cast for Mayor that it might change. Do you think if she missed it by .0009% that she would not call for a re-count? Dream on. I personally don’t think it will, however I’m told that some votes did change in the recount last year. If the cost of the recount was greater than $480. then the county office should have charged more, but I’m sure there is some law that says that they can only charge what it costs them to perform the count. If the results stand as they are then he will lose the deposit. If there is a run-off, anything can happen. Remember the drunk driving charge against Hernandez?

  7. Recounting only really entails punching a few buttons on the voting machines and going over the handful of absentee ballots. And since Dave is paying for it himself, instead of the taxpayers, there’s really no legitimate argument against a recount (BTW if this was Minnesota or Georgia it would be taxpayer-funded).

    When nearly 50% of the poeple want someone other than the incumbent (and 20% think a 21-year-old college kid could to a better job), you really have to stop and ask yourself if we’re going in the right direction as a city.

  8. The first time Susan ran for mayor, she lost by 35 votes to Billy Moore. She asked and paid for a recount. We were using punch ballots with ‘chad’ and the process was very “florida-like”. She still lost.

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