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November 13th, 2008
Interactions of image and text Art exhibit opens at the Walkers Gallery

Over 100 works of art and photography focusing on the interaction of words and images will be on display at the Walker’s Gallery from Nov. 7 through Jan. 9.Featured artists Chad Hopper, Deborah Lawrence, Joel Lipman, and Thomas Phillips will exhibit alongside local artists and students from SMHS. A rotating photography display, “Faces of Hospice,” sponsored by CTMC Hospice Care is also part of the “See What I Mean?” exhibit.

“Images and words are two symbolic expressions of human experience. In this exhibit artists explore how these two symbolic languages interact,” said curator, Linda Kelsey-Jones.

Part of this exploration focuses on the work of local photographers who recently took photos of community hospice patients. “We wanted to bring awareness to the public about hospice care. You can truly see the beauty of the person in these images,” said case manager, Sandi Gray.

British artist, Tom Phillips, contributed to the Walker exhibit with numerous limited edition prints of pages from his famous book, “A Humunment.” In a recreation of text through visual alterations, Phillips has modified every page of an old book originally titled, “A Human Document.” Phillips created a new “treated book” out of the words found in the original book’s pages. Through painting, collaging, sketching, and outlining selected text; Phillips was able to produce a new book from the underlying printed text. Prints from selected pages of “A Humunment” have come from London as part of this exhibit and are available for purchase.

Joel Lipman, poet Laureate and Professor of Art and English from the University of Toledo, has loaned the exhibit works for his Stamps on book page series. Joel works with rubber stamps on pages torn from yellowing, old books creating a form of collage and visual poetry.

Another artist featured is Debra Lawrence; known for her work “Dee-Dee Does Utopia.”

November 7th opening reception further explored the interaction of words and images through poetry and performance. Performer Paloma Bermudas, a senior at Katherine Porter HS in Wimberley, read selected writings from her poetry series about people. Paloma’s readings were animated and theatrical with a slant toward “slam poetry.”

Creative writing Professor and nationally recognized poet, Kathleen Pierce, brought to life the connection between the written word and visual art through her readings of selected poetry. The poems chosen either inspired an artist to create a piece of art or were written by a poet inspired to write about art. Robert Hayden’s poem, “Monet’s Water Lilies” describing the work titled was one of five poems read. Kathleen’s presentation explored the question, “Did the image create the words or did the words create the image”?

Arranged by Amanda Jones and Chad Hopper, the evening’s presentation ended with an unusual performance of motion, experimental music, words, commercial clips, visuals, and varied objects interacting into a type of story telling. Arranged specifically for the exhibit, this mix created a three-dimensional canvas of words, sounds and images blending into a piece of art that left the audience pondering it’s meaning.

The Walker Gallery curates seven exhibits per year. Artwork is selected for display through a combination of open calls for artists, group exhibitions from other art organizations, or by an occasional invitation.

Exhibits at the Walkers’ Gallery are free and open to the public during regular Activity Center hours. These exhibits are co-sponsored by the San Marcos Area Arts Council and the San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department, with support from the San Marcos Arts Commission.

by Elisa Laraia

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