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November 12th, 2008
Youth Commission recruits for community involvement

After a rigorous election city government must get back to business. The San Marcos Youth Commission, a volunteer city board, is doing just that. In November’s monthly meeting the Youth Commission discussed initiating an award program that acknowledges members of the community who advocate for the city’s youth.One of the purposes of the Youth Commission is to “make recommendations to City Council to support the educational, physical, and emotional needs of the youth of San Marcos,” said Youth Commission Chairman Craig Corbin.

The Commission is in the works of initiating the Youth Advocate of the month award, in which, according to board member Stacie McGee, “anyone who is making a difference in the life of a child” in San Marcos can be nominated. Corbin added that the program will give “recognition of people working with the kids” and also help the Youth Commission receive more community involvement. The program has not been approved yet by City Council, but the Commission is working in getting the application finalized for review by the Council.

The Commission is also researching options for future fundraisers, such as fundraising for scholarships and youth programs. Regarding scholarships, members of the Commission suggested performing a needs assessment in order to give where the most help is needed for children. The Commission brought forth questions such as what kinds of programs can be added to the ones already in existence and also to possibly begin a new after-school program for the 12-16 age group. Currently, the age group for after-school programs administers to children up to the 6th grade, or 12 years old.

The Commission is scheduled to meet on the first Monday of December to discuss the new developments and research conducted. This volunteer board is composed of five members, Carol Peters, Chris Jones, Stacie McGee, Ani Yazedjian-Hensleigh, Andy Sevilla, and Chairman Craig Corbin. When asking board member Chris Jones why the Youth Commission is important, he said because it is “the community investing in the youth to ensure we have a positive and productive future.”

In a city pamphlet the goals of the Youth Commission are clearly outlined. “Endeavors to involve the entire community in promoting fundamental resources or goals for the healthy development of all youth in the San Marcos community,” states the pamphlet as the intended purpose of the Commission.

For more information about how to help invest in the youth with the Youth Commission or for more information about the 27 City boards and Commissions, contact the City Clerk’s office at 512-393-8090 or go to the city website at

by Lindsey Bland

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