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November 10th, 2008
Narvaiz keeps majority in provisional vote tally

From the city of San Marcos

Susan Narvaiz maintained a majority vote in her bid for a third term as the San Marcos mayor following a review of provisional and overseas ballots Monday by the Early Voting Ballot Board.

The election will become official following the canvassing of election returns by the City Council on Monday, November 17 at 5 p.m.

Out of 201 provisional ballots cast in Hays County, 14 qualified to be counted and five of the 14 were City of San Marcos ballots. In addition, 16 ballots were cast by residents who were out of the country, including four that were counted in the city election.

The San Marcos City Charter requires a majority vote (50 percent plus one vote) to elect a member of the City Council.

Following the review Monday, the City Council races in the November 4 election had the following results:


Susan Clifford Narvaiz:                   6,451 (50.08%)
Daniel Dan McCarthy                      2,563 (19.9%)
Dave Newman                                  3,868 (30.03%)

City Council, Place 3

Fred Terry                                           8,822 (100%)

City Council, Place 4

Lisa Marie Coppoletta                    4,925 (44.40%)
Christopher Jones                           6,168 (55.60%)

Of the votes counted Monday, Narvaiz picked two additional votes, McCarthy gained one vote and Newman gained one vote.

Provisional ballots are used when there is some question about a voter’s eligibility. Provisional ballots may be used when the person’s name is not on the voter list, the voter is at the wrong polling place, the voter’s eligibility is challenged under state law, or the voter cannot provide identification required by federal or state law.

The city council is scheduled to hold a special meeting on Monday, November 17 at 5 p.m. to canvass the election returns and certify the results.

The provisional and overseas ballots were reviewed by the Early Voting Ballot Board under the coordination of Hays County Elections Administrator Joyce Cowan.

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