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November 1st, 2008
Letter: For mayor, vote McCarthy’s ‘bold ideas’


Even with all the attention and excitement being generated by the Presidential election it’s pretty hard not to notice the buzz around town being generated by this year’s mayoral race.

Just as change seems to be main topic for Obama and McCain, the city faces certain change with the results of this mayoral vote.

The current mayor has set forth to institutionalize her vision for San Marcos’ future and I’m not happy about that. Not only have we been burdened with risky, long-term financial commitments and back-door taxes, the mayor has allowed attacks on San Marcian history, culture and hospitality that threaten to turn San Marcos into just another strip mall stop on the interstate. For the first time I can remember, this year both the Just for Fun Parade and 4th of July River Parade were shut down. These two events represent the creativity, ingenuity and humor of our town as well as serve as a source of pride and community identity.

Justice should be blind but it should not be deaf and dumb as well. Overzealous law enforcement officers have been allowed to harm our community’s image without intervention by the current mayor. Wasting taxpayers dollars pursuing a federal lawsuit over a cactus planter painted by local artists and endorsing the at minimum rude and disrespectful behavior of the officer who let the puppy die are not representative of the values of the San Marcos I know.

Seeking to change the path we are headed on is one of the victim’s of an overzealous officer, Dave Newman, who received international press attention when he was arrested for saving a drowning man from the San Marcos river.

Dave has been a stalwart guardian of the river and aquifer who has spent enough time on the benches of City Hall to know how to get things done. Dave has been a constant advocate for downtown revitalization, bringing jobs that retain Texas State graduates and being fiscally conservative with the budget.

Although I believe that Dave would be a great improvement over the current mayor, a few of the things he has said recently on the campaign trail have given me a reason to look closer at all of the alternatives.

It was after meeting the third mayoral candidate, Dan McCarthy, that my mind was made up to go against my initial feelings and endorse Dan for Mayor.

Dan’s bold idea having the City cover its buildings with solar panels and city vehicles go to bio-diesel was something I found rare in political campaigns, a real policy solution to a current problem we face. Voting for Dan would also show that we are serious about stopping the brain drain and setting a course for sustainable green development. Dan also supports San Marcian culture and its role in the economy.

Finally, I am sure that if we had a community LPFM radio station run by those who fought for one, the current mayoral race would promote a fascinating discussion of the issues we face as a community and the candidates plans to address them. This election may determine if the public ever gets access to the city’s LPFM airwaves which is one more reason I urge everyone to vote Dan for Mayor.

Joe Ptak

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