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October 29th, 2008
Zombie book author brings literature to life for PRIDE students

Shortly before all the Halloween shivers arrived, PRIDE High School students heard a lecture from a noted author of zombie books, Bowie Ibarra. The horror author brought his second book in the Down the Road series with him, a volume entitled On the Last Day. It continued the chronicles of a Central Texas teacher named George Zaragoza who only wanted to live a quiet life, work, and teach-but he’s caught up in a zombie uprising and all the ensuing chaos.

When he is not writing horror stories, Ibarra is a Central Texan who lives a quiet life, works, and teaches theatre-arts for a neighboring school district. He admits to loving the drama of life, even if he has to make it up.

Ibarra told PRIDE students how he came to be published and what it takes to be a writer. Several aspiring authors in the audience asked questions and received advice from the author. Ibarra admitted to being a horror movie fan (particularly classic zombie movies), and he and the students conducted a lively exchange of ideas.

He has a third book started in the zombie series and another one that takes place in a martial-arts setting that will be released soon by Permuted Press. His parting remark to the student writers was “to write about what interests you.” That’s what he has done, and it’s served him well. His zombie-army books are rising in popularity, marching off the bookshelves, and being devoured by readers.

Public Information Officer – San Marcos CISD

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