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October 25th, 2008
Teen charged in vandalism of Obama voter’s vehicle


Sheriffs deputies have nabbed a local teenager for vandalizing an Obama supporter’s vehicle in Wimberley, an episode that made the media rounds as evidence of an increasingly contentious election.

At about 9 p.m. Sunday, the boy allegedly threw a large rock through the back windshield of a car belonging to an Austin woman visiting friends on Longhorn Trail outside Wimberley. Then he crammed Obama yard sides through the smashed window and spraypainted the Democratic candidate’s name across the side.

Now being held in the Hays County Juvenile Detention Center, he was arrested on Thursday along with a 12-year-old boy who helped him tag the side of a building at Wildlife Images, 5231 Farm-to-Market Road 2325, on Oct. 18. A second 12-year-old was arrested on Friday.

Det. Lenny Martinez identified the suspects after canvassing the area. The 15-year-old faces two felony counts of criminal mischief and engaging in organized criminal activity; the two 12-year-olds are changed with criminal mischief and engaging in organized criminal mischief, said Lt. Leroy Opiela, the sheriffs office spokesperson.

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7 thoughts on “Teen charged in vandalism of Obama voter’s vehicle

  1. And then we have that fine specimen of a Mc Cain supporter that faked a story of a politically motivated robbery in Pittsburg. Mc Cain and Palin must be so proud of the type of youth supporting them.

  2. David, rather than use the behavior of a few 12 year olds to try to characterize a particular campaign, maybe we should all be more concerned with the ADULTS directly associated with so many campaigns, local and national, Democrat and Republican, who still think and act like 12 year olds.

    This story is certainly unfortunate, but these kids have no shortage of adult examples, on any side of any issue, to follow down this path. Which, is not to excuse the behavior of the kids, before anyone accuses me of that. This is just a good opportunity for all of us to look at the example we are setting and maybe start demanding some more adult behavior from our candidates and stop giving them a pass when refuse to accept responsibility for their campaigners.

  3. Last I checked I was really sad to see a fellow Aggie Ashley Todd joined the ranks of these fine kids. To quote the right wing blogosphere about Ashley before it was revlealed that she faked her own robbery:

    Dan Riehl at posted under the headline “Thugs for change,” claiming that “Obama’s run his campaign just like a street thug out of Chicago. Now we get to see what some of his worst supporters are like.”

    Noel Sheppard at chastized AP for daring to be skeptical of the initial report. Most of all, he wanted to know why the AP didn’t report that the alleged perp was black. How dare they exclude a detail that had no bearing whatsoever on the alleged crime!!

    Josh Painter at blamed the attack on Barack Obama, suggesting an “Obama thugocracy” was coming: When Obama “urged his supporters to get in their face, did it not occur to him that some of his more deranged followers might take him literally?” Painter asked.

    He was echoed by fellow redstater Erick Erickson, who wrote: “Hey! The dude was just doing what The One asked him to. Full pardon on January 21st.”

    At Atlas Shugs, they posted the woman’s photo and called it “the new face of the Republican Party.”

    “Shame on those that doubted this poor girl,” the post read. “Always ready to jump on the side of the leftists and thugs. ugh. Americans, I implore you to get off your asses and save this country from the radical left coup on the White House, Senate and House…. Perhaps the Obots misunderstood Obama urging his followers to Get In Their Face and GET IN THEIR FACES!” They got the advanced course of Camp Obama to cut up their faces.”

    These kids fit a trend and neither Mc Cain nor Palin has done anything to rebuke either Ashley nor our local specimens for their acts of stupidity.

  4. Sergi, I thought you were an attorney. I would expect you to be a litle smarter than that. I guess partisian hacks are just partisian hacks.

  5. Awwwwww Dog, can you see Buda from your front porch? At least I am willing to put my name to what I post. I am just making the point that I am sick and tired of the stupidity and ignorance in this campaign. Unfortunately it comes from the right, however if you had been clever you might have noted that I have been vocal about supporting several local Republicans. So much for being a partisan hack. So “Dog” take a few minutes and search this fine site and see who else I support, it might just surprise you. So please keep the snarky comments to your self unless you are willing to put a name to what you post.

  6. Yes, I see that you support Conley, good for you. We need him as commissioner. I am just completely SICK AND TIRED of partisan politics from both sides. One side blames the other and nothing gets done. Let’s put the partisan crud aside and work to better this country. I do not support Obama but if he is elected, he will be MY president. Can you say the same about McCain? If so, good for you. Many on both sides will not. The disrespect for the President started with the Republicans and Clinton and has continued since then. Too bad we can not all be Americans instead of Repub/Demo Blue/Red and work to make our country what it once was.

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