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October 24th, 2008
Letter: Look deep to know what’s going on


I am an informed voter who is concerned with the direction our City is going. I have nothing but respect for our current Mayor, but I cannot help being concerned over her leadership and vision for San Marcos.

  • We now owe 3 times what we owed when Susan became Mayor. That is $44.5 Million every year she has been in office.
  • Our income to the city has only doubled, and of the 6000 jobs, she says she has created, the majority are low paying retail and janitorial type jobs. We have not gotten the high tech, high salary jobs she has been promising.
  • Under her leadership the council has changed our voting time from May to November, which makes it even more difficult to focus on local issues and candidates.
  • The biggest part of the city’s debt is to give Corporate Welfare to the developers and literally pay for their projects. An example of this is the $3 million given for the shopping center on McCarty and then they come back and want $3 million more, and we give it to them.
  • She continues to seek a salary, determined by her, even when it was voted down by the citizens of San Marcos. The majority of the City council will vote with Susan on almost every agenda item, and the committees who make up the Charter Review are appointed by the City Council and The Mayor. Look at #5 on the Charter Amendments.
  • We the citizens, living in neighborhoods over run with rentals breaking the single family zoning, can only speculate as to the changes in #2  of the San Marcos Charter, where the word promote neighborhood integrity has been removed.

You can call the city clerk to confirm the figures and you can read the League of Women’s Voter’s Guide to really see what the San Marcos Charter said and how it is being changed. Unfortunately it is not transparent government at all if you try and figure out what the election ballot says on the Charter changes, because the whole amendment is not on the ballot. Not only is it a very difficult year to make decisions on National politics, it is also a very difficult year with the local elections to have to decide what is not transparently clear in either governments. We the voters have to look way down deep to get an honest idea of what is going on.

Sherri Bilson

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