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October 24th, 2008
Letter: Doggett a statesman, not a politician


While attending a dinner recently, we had the opportunity to sit with Congressman Lloyd Doggett. During our conversation, we mentioned to him that a mutual friend had been ill and had just been released from the hospital.

“Please write down her phone number for me,” he said. “I don’t remember it, and I want to be sure to call her and wish her the best.”

Well, Lloyd may not have remembered our friend’s phone number, but he did remember to call her. In fact, we later learned he spoke to her from his car immediately after leaving the dinner. As is usual for Lloyd, he offered to help in any way he could. We found ourselves wondering how many such calls Lloyd had made throughout his distinguished career in public service. Many, we surmised.

You see, Lloyd Doggett is a firm believer in the concept of representative government. He takes his role in that process seriously, never forgetting that he represents us  – all of us – in Washington, and he knows that we expect and deserve aggressive and honorable representation. He knows this because he knows us, and he takes the time to listen.

In Lloyd Doggett, we have a voice in Washington, and it is the voice of a statesman, not a politician. It is also the voice of a friend.

We strongly encourage you to vote for our friend and yours, Congressman Lloyd Doggett.

Diana and Mark Hendricks

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