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October 23rd, 2008
Travis Elementary host “NBA” Games: Never Been Absent

Following the first six weeks of school, Travis Elementary School staff and select students celebrated with their own NBA games-for the students who had “Never Been Absent.” To be an NBA member and player, a student could not have been absent, tardy, or checked-out early for the first six weeks of school.Travis Principal Niki Konecki said, “We capitalized on the NBA theme by having each grade level of NBA members play basketball against their teachers, coaches, and principal.” Students and teachers wore basketball jerseys on that day to promote the games.

According to Konecki, the games were a success, and all participants had a great time. Reportedly, when Isaias Torres’ mother asked how he liked the game, the third-grader said, “Mom, I can’t ever be absent again!”

Travis will continue the NBA Club and basketball games at the end of each six week grading period. In addition, they plan to invite “guest” players in the future as a surprise. Each student also received a certificate of recognition at an awards ceremony.

by Iris Campbell
San Marcos CISD

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