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October 23rd, 2008
Ground broken for Dick's Classic Car Museum

The groundbreaking for Dick’s Classic Car Museum was held onsite at the corner of Hunter Road and Stagecoach here in San Marcos. The founder of the museum, Dick Burdick, was in attendance with members of his family as well as the Mayor, many other officials, and local area car clubs.

Rick Menchaca, the San Marcos City Manager, introduced the speakers and gave comments thanking all the parties who participated in bringing this project to reality, including Mayor Narvaiz and many other officials and city council members.

Dan Roy, of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce, gave the first speech. “On behalf of over one thousand members of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce,” commented Roy, “it is my privilege to extend our appreciation and congratulate Mr. Burdick, and the entire Burdick family. We are all grateful for your long-standing commitment to this community, and we are delighted to share your dream to bring a classic car museum to San Marcos, Texas.”

“Tourism is vital to our economy. Each year over 175 million dollars is spent on tourism in Hays County alone,” Mr. Roy continued. “How fitting that this amazing tribute to the automobile will itself become a catalyst for tourism and economic development in San Marcos.”

Mayor Narvaiz, who spoke second, expressed her delight at being present at the groundbreaking. “Dick Burdick and the Burdick family means a lot to San Marcos,” said the Mayor. “It is very exciting to have a new venture of the Burdick family coming to San Marcos. This museum promises to be a wonderful attraction to local residents and tourists alike.”

As the key speaker at the groundbreaking and founder, Dick Burdick was the last to speak. “I’ll say one thing, if it weren’t for Susan Narvaiz, this museum wouldn’t be here. This museum would be in Arizona.”

“The passion for automobiles doesn’t just stop with the car itself,” said Burdick. “It’s the people who created them, and the vision that those people, like Ford and Chevrolet and names as long as you can remember, what they did and how it affected the way we live. There’s nobody in this audience who isn’t somehow or another affected by automobiles.”

“What today is, and what this museum is, is an opportunity for me to share a passion that I’ve had since I built a Model T when I was in high school,” stated Burdick. “It goes back that far.”

“What we are attempting to do is help Susan Narvaiz, and the city in general,” he went on, “realize her dream of being a destination city. Once you have enough things here to get people to stay overnight, then the tax revenues start to roll in, and the opportunity to grow and develop and do the things that make a city a city, comes to pass. I hope that we’re making some viable contribution to that dream and to San Marcos.”

After the speeches, instead of actually breaking the rocky ground with a traditional shovel, three cars were unveiled as the first display of the museum. Once completed, the 43,000 square foot structure will house more than 60 of the Burdick family’s classic vehicle collection. These cars will be on rotation and include many classics from the 1920s to the 1950s.

The museum is slated to open in the spring of 2009.

by Sarah Stevens

Digital rendering of completed museum.

Dick Burdick address the crowd

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23 thoughts on “Ground broken for Dick's Classic Car Museum

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  2. this is a great project! It is unique and something that not many cities have. yet another small business of sorts to enhance the image of San Marcos

  3. Thank you to the Burdick family for your choice to house your collection in a San Marcos public museum. Some readers say “Whoopdi freakin do”, but I would say thank you. You show the historical significance of the automobile in a museum forum that many young persons have never seen. San Marcos is a historical oddity as it often berates its past as it embraces its history. The local Centex Branch of the Commemorative Air Force is often dismissed by the locals rather then embraced. This auto museum contribution will be mocked by Jehosaphat and his ilk as “so what” and I say So Us. These are resources that can be used to exemplify and explain our history and embrace the role of the automobile in history and in the transformation of San Marcos as a city. Thank you again for picking San Marcos and thank you to San Marcos for making the deal to hiouse this collection here.

  4. “And I say Thank you to Narvaiz or this museum would be Arizona”…..Yeah right. And the money well spent here and backing Narvaiz. A car museum is not unique. How much will the price be to enter? And really what economic value will this add to the city after the novelty wears off? And J Porter I have no ilk. Why doesn’t the mayor emabrace the Commerative Air Force? Probably because it has no money to back her. So whatever. When you have that much cash spend, spend it how you want to but don’t make it out to be something it isn’t.

  5. This project is of cultural value. It is no Dell and it won’t save the local economy but I am glad to see this project. I hope it drives an interest in history and it will certainly add some to the character of San Marcos. Yes Jehosaphat you have an ilk. You all anonymously bash any project the mayor or council touch to make yourselves feel you have done your civic responsibility. So as an auto enthusiast I will try to not make more of this than it is but please do not discount is as nothing simply because the Mayor had a hand in it.

  6. When I heard about this new museum I could not wait to tell my husband. I knew he would be so excited. He truly loves the automobile. When we are on road trips we always go to the local car museums/car collections. Its hard to believe that some people in San Marcos are unhappy with this choice. Would they prefer another convenient store/gas station?

  7. Hmm… perhaps McQuin and Jehozaphat should put THEIR money where their mouth is—-in other words, there are plenty of other empty lots in this city where YOU can go and buy or lease it and then put what you want rather than constantly critizing those who DO. Think your ideas are so much better? Then why didn’t YOU put an “industry” or whatever on that space all the years it sat empty?? Yea, I know, all talk and no action. Thank God for leadership and business that does do something rather than just complain all the time!!! Especially those who can’t use their real name…. bawk, bawk, bawk…

  8. I’m glad to see that San Marcos was selected as the home for the Classic Car Museum. It will be a great addition to our cultural offering. They did however, request an economic incentive of some sort during their initial discussion with the city.

    The Commemorative Air Force, which used to be the Confederate Air Force, was based in Harlingen for many years, and was one of Harlingen’s major claims to fame. I flew a freight run for a year or so in the early ’90s, between Harlingen and Houston, and the Confederate Air Force was always held in high regard and widely promoted and publicized by the the City of Harlingen during their time there. As for why our airport and the Commemorative Air Force are not promoted with more enthusiasm here, I cannot say. These two aspects of the aviation community are resources, that if managed properly, could and would bring a significant amount of revenue and positive recognition to the City of San Marcos.

  9. Hey Andrew get bent! Like I said once the novelty wears off then what? Those with the $ can so what ever they want. But don’t believe for a second that it was ever going to be in AZ, that was just a threat. A great incentive was made and for the price I would like the same deal but no! I don’t play nice with those in control, so it is said. It sat empty for a reason can you guess why? So get over it. bawk, bawk, bawk!

  10. Wow McQuin, “get bent” ??? That takes real thought–not!!
    Sounds like you have deep issues the go beyond the business world, huh? By the way, tourism IS industry, CLEAN industry!! Also, in case you didn’t know {and obviously didn’t research before mouthing off, museum’s like the Snake Farm and the Car Museum in New Braunfels have made money for YEARS!!! So have similar car museum’s in many other cities. And gee, guess what, the tourists also spend MONEY on other things when in those cities!!!! In this very tough economy, reasonable people know that we should be grateful, not complainers, about new businesses which chose to locate here and help our economy… but then, maybe you’d rather the city dry up and homeowners tax’s skyrocket while field’s sat empty????? What IS your real problem? Jealous of foresighted business people who put their money where their mouth is???

  11. Will this museum replace or supplement the Central Texas Automotive History Museum in Rosanky started by Mr. Burdick? The museum there is just AWESOME. I just visited and it is fantastic. Mr. Burdick has a first
    class touch when it comes to museums…a real plus for San Marcos.

    I work on and occasionally get to drive (volunteer perk) the Model T’s out at Kingsbury. These old cars are the hoot, but the CTAHM at Rosanky is an absolute masterpiece with fantastic cars of yesteryear in magnificent condition.

    I really look forward to visiting and maybe volunteering at a San Marcos Museum. One of the reasons I moved to this region was the cultural/historical opportunities and this musuem will be one.

    AL Sumrall

  12. nah just like to hear rear end kissers mouth off. The car museum is fine. I hope it does well for San Marcos. ha!

  13. must be a sad way to live life—always negative about everything, finding fault with others while ignoring your own….really sad, McQuin… hope that one day you can find something positive in the leadership of others who at least try to make things better for our community rather than sit on their rear and complain all the time. Thanksgiving is a great holiday ’cause it has MOST people looking at the positive things in life {being thankful} and reminds us how different people can work together for common good. McQuin, try volunteering at one of the thanksgiving luncheons next year {or at Christmas} and see how much better life is on the positive side. What have you got to lose? And you might actually enjoy helping others rather than tearing them down.

  14. All hail the great Andrew! I have seen the light and the future it is called Andrew. I have changed my ways. Thank you great sir, thank you.

  15. Al, the car museum in Rosanky will still exist. I think the one here will house cars that date prior to the 1950s and the museum in Rosanky will house the rest. I love the museum in Rosanky and I feel that the museum here will be a great addition to our diverse cultural environment. Also, to McQuinn, there was original talk that it would be in Arizona because a large number of Mr. Burdick’s cars are already being housed there. Arizona is good for cars because of the zero humidity. So, the threat was real and I’m glad that Mr. Burdick chose to build it here!

  16. Does anyone know if the car museum still exists in NB? I think it was on the I 35 north bound. And if not what happened? Burdick is a great guy.

  17. The place is still there, but it is no longer a car museum. They sell classic cars and have some nice stuff, but it is all for sale and the cars are in various states of restoration.

  18. Why does this Car Museum make some people so upset? It is just one little corner in this great city of San Marcos. Do you get this annoyed everytime a new business opens? Or is it just certain types of business?

  19. I attended the grand opening and met Dick Burdick. He makes you fell right at home. Fantastic auto collection. My next door neighbor is Patty Damon who’s father is Ray Terry. I will be coming back for sure to view these great old cars.

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