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October 15th, 2008
Humanity’s Team San Marcos sponsors Global Hug Day

Humanity’s Team San Marcos is excited to announce the Global Free Hugs Day event on Sunday, October 19th from 12:30 to 2:30 PM, at Half Price Book Store, located at IH-35 and Hwy 80 (900 Bugg Lane). Humanity’s Team and others will be offering Free Hugs and collecting signatures for the Oneness Day Petition at this event.Hugging a stranger is difficult for most people, and even hugging relatives can sometimes seem embarrassing and inappropriate. Hugging is a natural part of life, showing affection for the person we are hugging, along with the physical touch, that we all yearn for. A hug can be one of the most soothing acts of love and compassion you can share with someone. “Free Hugs” was invented by an Australian man, who wanted hugs to be a bigger part of his life. With his Free Hugs campaign, he started a worldwide hugging movement. People are simply coming together to hug each other and whoever comes by wanting a hug. It’s a wonderful experience and we invite you to come out to join us to offer and receive Free Hugs.

This event also offers the opportunity to sign the Oneness Day Petition. Humanity’s Team is collecting 50,000 signatures to send to the United Nations to declare Oneness Day, a day set aside to be embraced by individuals, communities and nations for humanity to celebrate, discuss and experience our commonality, while still acknowledging and respecting our beautiful cultural diversities. It is a day to unite in Oneness for the greater good of the Human Family. If this vision resonates with you, please visit the following link to sign the Oneness Day petition.

Humanity’s Team is in collaboration with the Positive Focus organization for this event. In addition, other organizations, groups, and people from around the world will also be participating. According to Randall Wood, the USA Coordinator for Humanity’s Team, “This is a momentous occasion for Humanity’s Team because it marks the first partnership with like-minded organizations for a global spiritual event. This event allows us the opportunity to practice moving as one”.

by: Randall Wood
Humanity’s Team San Marcos

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