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October 14th, 2008
Railroad Commissioner Williams visits Texas State

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Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams made a stop at Texas State University in San Marcos on his 35 city tour throughout Texas. He travels in a bus fueled by clean energy. Williams urged citizens to get involved and take an interest in clean energy, as it affects their health and environment. Williams said Texas is a leader in the country in providing natural gas, wind power, and coal.”Texas is the Saudi Arabia of coal,” said Williams. “We have a supply of coal for 200 years.”

Williams said he wants to see Texas’ homes and vehicles powered by what he called “Texas Fuel and Texas Energy.” In doing so, Williams said Texans, and Americans, will burn cleaner fuel and energy, as well as reduce the reliance on foreign oil. He said venturing in clean energy will not only help the environment, but will provide jobs and stimulate the economy.

In a flyer provided by the College Republicans Williams is quoted as saying, “We must inspire the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians by committing Texas to becoming the global leader in innovation and energy.”

When asked about concerns regarding the pollution derived from burning coal, Williams said it will be clean energy. He said today’s technology allows for the removal of pollutants from burning coal, thus providing “hydrogen rich synthetic gas.” Williams said he will implement the use of natural gas, clean coal, nuclear power, wind power and solar power to bring about the clean energy he foresees.

“The reason that we’re using all is because we are a state that is growing at a rate of 1,000 people per day,” said Williams. “We eat up a bunch of power in Texas, and so we need every source. You cannot generate enough wind power in Texas to power Texas, so you’re going to have to have all those sources.”

Williams said Texas needs to continue drilling for natural gas, commercialize clean coal, and develop the new generation of nuclear power, wind power, and solar power.

Protesters which included the College Democrats and the Campus Anti-war Movement End the Occupations (CAMEO) held posters and yelled over Williams during his speech, raising issues concerning the wars in the Middle East, oil, and the Republican Party itself.

“The Republican Party is not the Party of clean energy,” said CAMEO member Matthew Camp. “The Republican Party is not interested in clean energy, they’re interested in profits. If they can find a profit with clean energy then they will jump on board.”

Camp said he was not there to protest clean energy, he said he was gearing his attention against the Republican Party and the wars in the Middle East. He said those wars were specifically set up to bring back oil to the United States for energy.

Republican incumbent Michael Williams is running against Democrat Mark Thompson and Libertarian David Floyd. The Railroad Commissioner serves a six-year term. The General Election will take place November 4, with early voting starting on October 20 and ending October 31.

by: Andy Sevilla
News Section Editor

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0 thoughts on “Railroad Commissioner Williams visits Texas State

  1. “We eat up a bunch of power in Texas, and so we need every source. You cannot generate enough wind power in Texas to power Texas, so you’re going to have to have all those sources.”

    How about some rebates/incentives for solar power?

  2. Brilliant idea, panel the town! Let’s start with the wastewater plant and do something about these utility bills, folks.

  3. Daniel McCarthy do you even know how the waster water plant is funded, because from the last debate you, along with Newman, made complete fools of your selves in not knowing how water and waste water are funded, or what certain funds can go for. Both of you seriously need to do extensive research and perhaps then you might be up to par with Narvaiz in debating crucial issues in San Marcos.
    I dont necessarily like Narvaiz, but she definitely knows what she is doing with city government, and how funds are allocated and what they can be used for. This knowledge is definitely vital for any candidate for mayor or city council to know and take pragmatic approaches, not hopeful long-winded promises that are unrealistic. There is a law as to how certain funds can be applied, dont ya know.

  4. After senator Hutchinson becomes gov. I think commissioner Williams will win her seat and become another great Texas Republican senator….Williams and Cornyn, folks it can’t get much better than that.

  5. Cornyn is a MESS, Noriega needs to replace him already! As for Williams becoming the next Senator after Hutchison becomes Governor, I might be delighted to see that. I wonder if Hutchison will run for Governor? She has a strong case and then maybe we can do away with the King of Texas, Rick Perry.

  6. Williams and Cornyn? That’s like saying we need Dan Quail and Sarah Palin! Can’t Republican’s find REAL leaders again like Teddy Roosevelt or Abe Lincoln? This party is more like “Animal House” in the intelligent area nowadays! What a joke! Soon we will rank below Mississippi at this rate!

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