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October 14th, 2008
Hays CISD Channel: District gathers focus groups in superintendent search

From Hays CISD

Three separate Hays CISD focus groups will gather on Oct. 23 to create a superintendent profile in the search for Kirk London’s replacement. A search firm will use the findings from the focus groups separate candidates for the school board to interview.

Community members, parents of students in the district and Hays CISD employees will assist the search firm of School Executive Consulting, Inc., in drawing up the superintendent profile.

London announced his retirement in June after serving five years with Hays CISD. School Executive Consulting is the same firm that brought London to the district.

The firm has coordinated with the trustees to set a target date of March 2009 for the new superintendent to begin in the district.

School board members invited individuals representing all aspects of the school district to serve on the focus groups.

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