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October 10th, 2008
Planet K Hit by Armed Robbers

San Marcos police are searching for four suspects who robbed the Planet K Store at gunpoint about 9:15 p.m. Wednesday, October 8, 2008.Four suspects whose faces were concealed by clothing entered the store located at 910 North I35 in San Marcos about 9:15 p.m. Three were armed with handguns, Commander Terry Nichols said.

The suspects, possibly two men and two women, demanded money and property from the store and also robbed two customers in the store. No injuries were reported.

The suspects fled in a 2003-2007 silver or grey Dodge extended cab pickup, taking an undisclosed amount of money and property from the victims.

Police are seeking four suspects in the aggravated robbery. They are described as:

Suspect #1: White male, late teen, long blonde hair, wearing a white short sleeve shirt, black baseball cap, and a black shirt wrapped around his face
Suspect #2: White or Hispanic, late teen, possibly female, wearing a black hoodie, black shirt wrapped around the face and wearing a backpack
Suspect #3: White or Hispanic, late teen, possibly female, wearing a black short sleeve shirt, black shirt wrapped around the face and black pants
Suspect #4; White or Hispanic male, late teen, wearing a black jacket, black baseball cap, black shirt wrapped around the face and wearing a black backpack

The case is being investigated by the Criminal Investigation Division. Anyone with information concerning this robbery is encouraged to call the San Marcos Police Department at 512-753-2108 or Crime Stoppers at 512-353-TIPS.

by: Melissa Millecam
City of San Marcos

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0 thoughts on “Planet K Hit by Armed Robbers

  1. Ed that was a ridiculous statement on your behalf, and for Chris North to think it was funny just adds insult to injury. What is wrong with you people, how in the hell would an armed robbery ever be funny!? Both of you are absurd and a sorry excuse for a San Marcos resident!! why dont both of you leave town and head to Los Angeles or Atlanta, you might enjoy all the horrible crimes that happen there – you’d laugh uncontrollably. Jerks!!

  2. Paul,
    Tell me where to send you a few bucks so you can go buy yourself some underpants. Cause they are abviously in a wad. Like I said in my original post…. just kidding. I know how much that eyesore has been a pain to some people so I was just making light of the situation. In no form or fashion do I think that armed robbery is okay. Get over yourself already

  3. I hope none of you ever face a gun. Armed robbery is no laughing matter. ED’s remark struck of stupidity as did Chris North and yours jg. I come from a little town where my friend and local corner store owner was shot in the face and killed for a little over a $100.00. Violent crimes of this nature are not common in San Marcos and this is not a situation to be “light of” Ed. It is true that my sense of humor has been shaded by the cynicism of my experiences. Stay young and oblivious as long as you can Chris and save your money ED’s, there are armed robbers on the loose. Also jg, you should work on your grammar before casting aspersions about intelligence.

  4. how very silly.

    the joke was in reference to that ugly piece of crap car with dead cactus in it you guys have parked in front of your store.
    and actually, it’s not that funny when you consider all the tax dollars that have been spent trying to get ya’ll to move it and comply with the ordinance.
    the irony is this: a joke about an ugly eyesore hurts the eyesore owners feelings. the eyesore owner argues that he can have that car there because it’s art, or a freedom of speech thing. freedom of speech.
    funny! or not.
    (when i was about 4 months pregnant with my oldest daughter, i walked in on an armed robbery at a gas station in kansas city. guy spun around and pointed a gun at my face and ran out the door, so i guess i know what that feels like a little.)
    but we should talk about all this some more, definately.

  5. I am not from planet K. Are you from planet earth? This is not an eyesore issue. This article is about ARMED ROBBERY. This is not a forum for your petty zoning commission crying. You should understand the difference and pursue your flower pot logic at another time. Your point is not defendable. It was nice you survived your ordeal but the fact you would laugh at these folks misfortune is unconscionable. I am willing to debate your lack of humor and insensitivity at length but not on this page.

  6. Yeah well i happen to be close to the ppl this happened to. in fact my GF was working there that nite. SO have a heart guys. anyways take the eyesore crap to city council, not here.

  7. That “car” isn’t hurting anyone, and using tax dollars to pursue getting rid of it is an insult to SM residents. It’s not technically a car anymore. Those tax dollars could be spent fixing things more important than that.

  8. Nope jporter I feel like I wasnt wrong and Im NOT going to say so. That car looks like a POS and needs to be removed. Plain and simple. What is wrong with following the rules? It was against city code , they were asked to move it but decided to keep it in the courts as long as possible. Now whos wrong? It JUNK! GET RID OF IT ! There I said it! And Paul , you ought to know what an idiot looks like cause you have to face one every morning when you look in the mirror.


  9. Wow Ed did you come up with that one on your own!? You seriously are a moron, this is not the forum to discuss the removal of a car. Its a serious situation, dealing with crime and guns, get real! Your dumb and insensitive, and a sorry excuse for a human being.

  10. Mr. Ed, your failure to understand you were wrong does not change the reality that you are wrong. I never mentioned any car in any of my posts. I simply pointed out that your sick joke was not funny, whether you were “just kidding” or not. It was an insensitive remark and it is not funny.
    “Now who’s wrong?”… YOU!
    The last word is yours Mr. Ed, so make it a good one. I will not continue this battle of wits with an unarmed man.

  11. j porter, chris north, paul, and ED…. perhaps we could arrange a fund raiser for some charity by having the four of you in a room to trade childish insults until someone cries “uncle”. What a ridiculous waste of time and space! Find a new subject to complain about in your immature ways!! Or just watch TV reruns since it appears none have a real life or at least a productive one!

  12. I happen to know that girl haven all of her friends mostly one girl named Auby these kids today let me tell u. All of them r under 20 a marine married auby went on deployment an left his wife in an apartment in s Austin. Well long story short auby heaven an there friends had sex party were doing all kinds of drugs coke, weed major liquor, xtc an wrecked the apartment this marine was paying for. Finally after not being able to get ahold of his wife auby cause shed be to messed up on all the drugs she was on got his family to check on them well she was cheating on him using his money for her and her friends to get high. These kids had this coming to them I just wish this guys wife could go to jail for what she did to this marine. Where the hell are these kids parents? God help them all

  13. they have no respect for anyone. And the dumb asses that they are put all there busisness on there myspaces really I wish someone or something would teach these kids a lesson in life. Just remember karma does come back at u

  14. Haven was my neighbor. I am saddened to hear that she was involved in this. Although I don’t agree with her upbringing, and know for a fact that she has had a hard life, she should have known better that this is a horrible act. Does anyone know where I can monitor the outcome of their trials? Or if she is going to be charged as a minor or an adult.

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