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September 30th, 2008
Band of the Week – Kallisti Gold

Kallisti Gold has been playing in some form or another around the San Marcos area for around four years now, rocking our local venues like Gil’s Broiler, Lucy’s, and Triple Crown. Right now there are four members, though others have been known to come and go. Matt Tolman is on vocals, guitar, and drums; Anthony Carlin takes the bass and more vocals; Cory Johnson has guitar, percussion, drums, and vocals; and Paul Adams is on guitar, vocals, and drums as well. Each member plays an integral part in their complicated harmonies with either their vocal talents, their instrumental talents, or a combination of both. They almost sound like Sublime decided to have a jam session with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.The band formed when the members met up at school. “We lived in the dorms together and we all met in choir. We’re all music majors,” said Anthony Carlin.

With such a wide variety of influences, it’s easy to see why Kallisti Gold has such a diverse sound. The Beatles, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews, and Sublime are all influences that the band mentioned as some of their favorites.

Cory Johnson cited some of his favorite songs to perform. “The new one,” he said, “‘Gorgeous’ by Tony, that’s a kind of a laid back song. I always like playing Bob Marley’s ‘Iron Lion Zion’, that’s high energy. Our song that Matt (Tolman) wrote called ‘Yeah’, is always in the last one or two we play because it’s just a house record.”

“We love San Marcos,” Cory added. “We equally love Lucy’s and the Triple Crown. We play once a month at each and they both treat us really nice. ”

“We love to play and write songs but none of us are good promoters or businessmen,” Cory went on, “if it’s not involved in playing then none of us are really interested, and that’s hurt us. It’s a competitive market. Every band that makes it there’s usually the one guy who’s just a wiz at the business. We barely ever play outside of San Marcos.”

The live shows that Kallisti Gold put on are hardly a sit-down affair. Many in the crowd are on their feet on the dance floor and in front of the stage during the performance. One part of the band’s message according to Anthony Carlin is: “Don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s more of a feel good atmosphere.”

“It’s all about rocking who’s here. It could be a thirty person show or it could be five hundred, it’s all about rocking,” Cory explained. “If you’re in the crowd then we’ll try to please you. If people are dancing, they’re feeling that, then we’ll try to play that. If people are feeling the rocking ones then we’ll try to play more of the rocking ones – we just want you to enjoy yourself. We don’t have any kind of artistic vision that we’re trying to be true to, we’re just up there to try to entertain people.”

The quiet and reserved Matt Tolman added; “It’s more fun for us to have a variety. If you want to get your mind blown out come see the show.”

“And it’s more fun for us if everyone is having a good time,” commented Cory. “That energy comes right back onstage. If people are dancing then we’re having a much better time so we always try to read the crowd and just give the people what they want.”

Kallisti Gold’s next show is TBA, but the wait should not be long. For more information about upcoming shows or to listen to a few of their tracks, check out or


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