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September 21st, 2008
Newstreamz Video Extra – San Marcos Mayoral Candidates

Newstreamz Video Extra interviewed all three Candidates for Mayor of San Marcos. Newstreamz’ Andy Sevilla has more.

Coming Soon: Raw Interviews with all three Candidates.

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0 thoughts on “Newstreamz Video Extra – San Marcos Mayoral Candidates

  1. I was unsure about my choices before this. Now I’m trying to decide between Newman and McCarthy. I’m looking forward to more discussion.

  2. Mayor Narvaiz is definitely someone I will support, she is determined, innovative and on top of her game. Her view for the future of San Marcos is one that I’d like to see exercised. Dan McCarthy is too inexperienced and Dave Newman I just dont like, he isn’t what I want for San Marcos. Susan Narvaiz has my vote, my support, and all my best wishes. San Marcos we need to move towards a candidate with purpose, who has San Marcos and the people in the best interest. Mayor Narvaiz has accomplished so much in the past mayoral terms, lets continue forward!

  3. What about the fact that Mayor Narvaiz did not want to do anything about Police Officer Stephens, or Officer Bender, for violating the Texas Penal Code for cruelty to animals, for what they did on August 5th.
    If they had escorted the couple to the pet clinic, the dog may be alive now.

  4. I can appreciate your concern Patrick, but the Mayor did act accordingly – she supported the decision of the Chief of police, who has complete jurisdiction over the matter. Under his recommendation, the Mayor acted. She doesnt want to over step her boundary and do other people’s job, Chief Williams said the appropriate actions have been taken and she stood by him. She’s a staunch supporter of our brave men and women patrolling our streets. If the party affected doesnt like the decision, then they can act to do something, but the Mayor acted well in her capacity.

  5. Does that mean that, if the Chief did not do enough, and the D.A. does not wish to prosecute Stephens and Bender, then a private citizen will have to take this to court?

  6. Go home Patrick. You couldn’t sue your way out of a wet paper bag and San Marcos doesn’t need your “help.”

  7. Is this the same Patrick Greene?

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