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August 26th, 2008
Hap Mansfield’s Blog: Tough times? At least the laughs are free

These are somewhat dour times. The cost of running a car or buying a bag of groceries is getting higher all the time. Getting a college education seems to require everything but a promissory note for the student’s first-born child as collateral to get a loan.

Things are tough all over, regardless of what designer bag the “real” Orange County housewives are bickering about on bad television. It is now that the role of comedian is sorely needed. If you lose your sense of humor about life, you’ve lost all hope.

If your sense of humor needs an energy charge, fear not, hope is on the way. This Saturday (Aug. 30) at Cat’s there is a local all-star comedy line-up to rejuvenate your flagging spirit. If you just like to laugh (and who doesn’t?) you’ll be in laugh heaven.

The show features the comedy perspectives of Allie Rolison (her bit on the doors at Lane Bryant is hysterical), and Sam Slade (whom you may remember from KLBJ-FM on the Dudley and Bob Show). The blockbuster show also includes Holly Loriken (that three-foot Barbie doll bit is funny stuff) and Justin West, a local comedic talent with a very convenient birthday — 7/11.  I know, that was a bad joke. You want better jokes than that? Go to the show. (At this point my dad would say to me, “Ten thousand comedians out of work and you’re making jokes?”)

The event is hosted by San Marcos’ own comedy veteran Jim Tierney and is free to all who have either a Texas I.D. (like a driver’s license) or college I.D.

Cat’s is located at 143 LBJ Drive in San Marcos. For more info call (512) 619-4412.

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