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The Kiwanis of San Marcos held their weekly meeting at Grin’s Restaurant at noon on Thursday. The group led by President Pam Cook as the group hosted speaker Alan Parks.

Parks a board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist and has practiced medicine for over twenty five years. He closed his practice and founded; he was raised in Midland, Texas. Parks told several jokes to the group before getting into the meat of his lecture by asking the group how we can save America from itself.

He spoke how America has a total debt of over nine trillion dollars and how each child today id born with a personal debt of 31,000 dollars. Parks said,” We have lost our way, we need responsible budgeting.”

His organization plans to fight from the grassroots level upward to help dig our children’s generation out of the hole that year after year of deficit spending has created.

The group believes that passage of a Balance Budget Amendment (BBA) will be one of the greatest, most meaningful achievements of this generation. The BBA can put this country back onto a sustainable course for future growth and prosperity if we limit our burdensome debt load. The BBA would force politicians to be wiser with our tax dollars and force them to cut out frivolous spending.

This measure will strengthen our nation. Only the strong can help the weak. A strong nation is in a better position to help with the ills, maladies, and problems of our own people as well as others around the world.

A BBA will help individual families. It will give us a stronger and more stable economy and will limit the amount we have to pay in taxes to service the debt. This will, in turn, put more money into the pockets of our families to pay for their own needs and will allow them more money to donate to charitable causes such as cancer research, famine relief, local churches, boy scouts, girl scouts, habitat for humanity, etc. In other words, other charities will benefit from a BBA now, which will have beneficial effects on all charitable causes far into the future.

Park’s strategy will start by raising awareness of this issue throughout the country. They hope to compel the leadership in Congress to bring this issue up for a vote by showing overwhelming support from the American people. Any and all effective means necessary will be used to make a case before the American people of the need for a balanced budget amendment. The presentation was well received by the Kiwanis.

The group noted that September 18th at 6 p.m. they will hold their annual Installation Banquet at the Price Center. The group welcomed guest James Oswalt of Mantee, Mississippi and Wilbur Hobson from San Marcos, Texas. Aubrey Oswalt and Lauren McNair from San Marcos High School were also recognized by the group.

For information on joining the Kiwanis of San Marcos call President Pam Cook at 512-353-3383. The group meets every Thursday at noon at Grin’s Restaurant located at 802 North LBJ in San Marcos.

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Kiwanis members listen to Alan Parks at their weekly meeting.

Pam Cook discusses issues with speaker Alan Parks from

Alan Parks discusses his plans for a balanced budget for America at the Kiwanis meeting.

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