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July 12th, 2008
Run with Moe

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San Marcos runners have taken advantage of having several races right here in the city. Three races in the space of three weeks and the last one was yesterday out at Hernandez Middle School for an out and back course on Stagecoach Road.
The first run was the June Bug 5K out at River Ridge with Efrain Velazquez from San Antonio taking first in a fast time of 15:56. Nicole Silvas, also from San Antonio, took first for the women in a good 21:45 time. San Marcos runners included Frankie Torres in a nice 19:59, 8 year old Esai Torres in 25;29, Paaul Archer took second in the 20 – 29 age category in 18:15, and Jacob Bains crossed the line in 23:21. In the 30 – 39 age group Liesela Austin took 4th in 28:10 and Bridget Wildschuetz from Kyle took first in 22:13 and Ed Mendoza from Maxwell tood 3rd in that age with a 20:51.

In the 40 – 49 year age Eric Rindahl took first in 21:31 and Eloy Collazo grabbed second in 21:47 and Lisa Medina ran a 28:47, Diaana Esparza ran a 30:13, Laura Mason ran in at 32:39 and Sarah Vaughn finished in 35:11. In the 50 – 59 age Paul Paese ran his last race in San Marcos before moving to the East Coast with a first place finish in 20:53. Elma Minor ran in 3rd in 33:10. In the 60 – 69 age category Ronnie Murphy ran a 34:25 and Walt Joaquin tried his first 5K and ran a 36:33.
The next race was the Firecracker 5K on July 3rd for an evening run. Marcus Gonzales from Kyle finished in first place with a 17:36 and Bernadette Beck from San Antonio, took first for the women in 24:16. Frankie Torres gathered the first place trophy in the 14 and under with a 19:34, Esai Torres took second in 24:40 and Keegan Taylor took 3rd in31:19. For the women Olga Gamez took first with a 36:31, followed by Vicky Gamez in 2nd in39:14. In the 15 – 19 age group David Arndt took first in 24:02 and San Marcos Daily Record sports reporter Taylor Mayforth came in second overall and first in the 20 – 29 age with a fast 17:54. Tim Bayless had a 2nd place time of 18:15. Daniel Chidester ran a 19:39, Marcus Sauer ran a 29:17. Meghan Sauer also had a 2nd place in 26:30 and Sarah Jian had a 3rd in 29:40. Shannon England ran a 33:20, Naomi Adams ran in at 37:24, Kelly Harrelson ran a 42:18. In the 30 – 39 age category Woody ran in first place in 20:56, Joe Merchant took 2nd in21:01 and Ed Mendoza had 3rd in 26:08. Mike Glendenning ran a 22:25, Andy McCoy ran in at 25:20, Matt McCoy ran a 28:45 and Carlos Molina ran in at 27:03. For the women Jessica Diaz took time out from bodybuilding and fitness contests to run a 27:35, Liesela Austin ran in at 27:28.

In the 40 – 49 age Ros Hill gathered in a 2nd place finish and 4th overall in 18:10, Eric Rindahl grabbed 3rd in 21:06, Ben Cortez had a 22:48 and Eloy Collazo ran a 21:10 in a fast age group. Diana Exparza took first in 29:43 followed in 2nd by Ro Merchant in29:51. Laura Mason ran a 33:18, Sarah Vaughn had 34:25, and Cherissa Young ran in at 40:35.
In the 50 – 59 age category Alan Atchison took first in 24:25 with Dugan Taylor running a 30:41 and Greg Pannell ran a 28:42 as a training run for his triathlon this weekend. Eva Sanders took 2nd in 28:10 followed by Teresa Medina in 3rd 30:19. Cindy D’Anton ran a 40:32 and Kathy Swift ran a 42:50. Elma Minor came across in 34:10 and Nelda Pannell walked a fast 37:36 finish. In the 60 – 69 age Lolite Russell took first in 31:50 and Luke Oliver took first in the 70+ age with a 27:24.

One other news item is that the San Marcos Runners Club gave up on the Tuesday night run out at Hernandez and have gone back to meeting at the Hays County Court House for their runs. Everyone is welcome to join in for the 6:30 run on Tuesdays if you want some company along with your training run. Everything is now back to normal.


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