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July 11th, 2008
BigFest highlights big weekend at Cheatham Street

Scene Editor

Kent Finlay is a man with a mission. He wants to insure that Texas music gets the respect it deserves.

He also wants to help develop new songwriting talent, encourage musicians and keep local toes tapping to a variety or great music. With this in mind, Finlay started the Cheatham Street Music Foundation, a community-based organization that is a natural outcropping of his acclaimed music venue, the Cheatham Street Warehouse.

Finlay’s organization does not really do justice to the words  “non profit” because, while his aim is charitable, the foundation certainly profits musicians, Texas music and, most of all, grateful audiences.

This weekend, in Finlay’s never-ending quest to make the summer of 2008 chock full of musical events and milestones, Cheatham Street is hosting yet another big musical throw down called, appropriately enough, BigFest, starting today and continuing through Sunday.

BigFest will feature more than sixty musical acts, songwriters, bands, and panel discussions over three days at the vital Cheatham Street Warehouse. Tickets are available at Sundance Records, Stubb’s BBQ, Waterloo Records and the Rock Box. You can also go to their website or where you can get tickets and the cool t-shirt. Proceeds will benefit the Cheatham Street Music Foundation.

Lest you think this is a small event, here’s a list of performers scheduled to appear: Walt Wilkins, Susan Gibson, Max Stalling, Kent Finlay, The McKay Brothers, John Arthur Martinez, Dub Miller, Tommy Alverson, Bill Whitbeck, Keith Davis, Kyle Park, Houston Marchman, Big John Mills and the Texas Road Dawgs, Jon Wolfe, Star DeAzlan, Doctor G and the Mudcats, Jordan Minor, HalleyAnna, Bill Rice, Michael Wren, Forest Wayne Allen, Missoula Slim, Shad Blair, Ryan T. Briggs, Tony Taylor, Russell Bisbey, Tres Womack and the Ghetto Cowboys, Bill Pekar and the Rainey Brothers Band, Slow Rollin’ Lows, Jason Marbach and Barbarosa, Charlie Bishop, Jimmy Kaiser, David Lee Kaiser, Jason Bednorz, Cameron Joyner, Dust Devils, Evelyn Brown, Britni Hoover, Jimmy Baldwin, Lost Immigrants, Mark Zeus, Gregg Andrews, Tony Wilson, Stewart Mann, Bill McNeil, Wes Nickson, Mike Ethan Messick, Tyler McCumber, Bo Cox, Texas Heat, Brian Burns, T-Roy and Candice Miller, ShAnnie, The Loyd Bonham Band, Floyd Tolston, Smokey Wilson, Oso Texas, Dan Crump, Cody Kouba, Joe Rodriguez, Robyn Ludwick, George Ensle, Tom Gilliam, Ronny Corbin and Pirate Radio, Tim Fralik Band, and surprise guests. 


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