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July 10th, 2008
Bill Peterson’s Blog: Falcon fought the good fight

KYLE – About 500 people turned out to pay their final tributes to the late Minerva Falcon Wednesday morning at Kyle First Baptist Church.

We saw her family, we saw her friends, we saw policemen with tears in their eyes, we saw people from every part of Kyle’s political spectrum, and we saw people who’ve left Kyle and haven’t come around for years. We saw the city staff and councilmembers, because the city shut down its offices Wednesday morning so all could attend Falcon’s funeral.

All of these people knew Falcon in different ways, but all felt the same deep respect for her helpful nature, selflessness and cheerful countenance.

The eulogy summed it about Falcon, the long-time Kyle City Secretary who did so much to hold the town together: She fought the good fight.

Falcon worked for the city from 1975 until her retirement in January 2007, the sole constant in a rapidly changing city government. She made the city run as efficiently as it could, made the town festive and seemed to know the answer for every question.

Falcon died on July 5 following surgery after a brief illness.

We’ve all been stunned by Falcon’s death. She was only 57, gave much and still had much to live and give. She was such an excellent human being that it’s impossible to express, or even understand, all that she has meant to so many people, including the tens of thousands of recent Kyle residents who knew nothing of her.

We’ve called her “the seat of government in Kyle” in this publication. Kyle City Manager Tom Mattis said Falcon is “an institution.” Kyle Mayor Mike Gonzalez said she is “a favorite daughter of Kyle.” In this week’s edition of the Hays Free Press, former Kyle Mayor Pete Krug called her “The First Lady of Kyle,” while Hays County Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Beth Smith called her “the epitome of public service.”

All are excellent descriptions. But the eulogy put it best of all: She fought the good fight. May we fight on without her.

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