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I bet that you’ve gained a customer or two over the years because a friend or family member made a recommendation. This kind of social networking takes place every day, on the golf course, during committee meetings, at church and in all the other “traditional places”. But in today’s busy business world, there are new ways to reach out and make business contacts. And some of them don’t even require a handshake.

MySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites allow you to connect online with people you know, and through them, to others. And how hard can it be? Our children are doing it every day! Eight years ago I was a Chamber President in Athens, Texas. My college intern at the time met her future husband online. Folks, this was Athens, Texas. It was a SMALL TOWN. Her future husband lived next door to me. When I found out that they had met online I knew at once that something extraordinary was happening on the web and that social networking would never be the same again.

Most social networking sites are not geared towards business, but they do offer you a chance to at least engage in some low-cost (or even free) marketing, which you shouldn’t pass up. But social networks are evolving and new ones are coming online each day. Personally, I recommend LinkedIn, a site primarily focused on helping businesses make business-related contacts. After you join the site (membership is fee) and create your profile, you can invite people to join your network.

As you begin to expand the list of direct contacts, and your contacts do the same, you grow your network of potential connections. The site shows your direct contacts and their contacts. That’s where the old “circle of influence rule” comes in. They say everyone is three people removed from someone famous? Take that a step further, and many of your friends and associates have business contacts that you would like to meet. This is a great place to do that! In addition, a selection of other site members who’ve worked or studied where you did also appears on your page, helping you find lost friends and colleagues.

Where LinkedIn really excels is enabling you to limit and change information visible to others and what types of contacts you’re willing to accept. It is also gaining widespread acceptance and has proven, for me personally, to be a great conduit for reconnecting with former business contacts who have moved on. Recently, I was contacted by a software developer (who had created a previous chamber’s website) and who is now working in LA for DreamWorks Animation, a major film company in Hollywood. You just never know who will turn up on your LinkedIn network!

Whether you have a burning business question, are looking to create a new business opportunity across the country or to make a new hire, being able to turn to people you know and trust can be a good thing.

Best of all, with online networking you don’t have to know which fork to use, what the dress code is or whether you have enough business cards.

President – San Marcos Chamber of Commerce

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0 thoughts on “For The Chamber Window: Online Networking

  1. There are over 500 people within 10 miles of 78666 who are on LinkedIn now, with 270 of them having 10 or more contacts, so I’d say it is certainly gaining traction here in San Marcos as a constructive professional networking tool.

    My personal opinion is that LinkedIn works best when you (at least primarily) only link with people you actually know. That is the intent of the designers, and it helps keep the “noise level” to a minimum.

    For example, if you link with anybody and everybody who says “link with me” then you are opening yourself up to a variety of unwanted “requests to forward” which are usually thinly disguised sales pitches.

    I’ve used LinkedIn for a long time, gone through plenty of “trial and error” usage, even taught some workshops on LinkedIn when I was living in Plano.

    I agree with Phyllis, when it comes to the variety of online professional networking portals, LinkedIn is the one to use, head and shoulders above the rest, very professional, top quality.

  2. It really depends on your goal… being involved in new media and online social networking since it’s inception, I have seen and tried them all.

    For professional business networking, Phyllis is spot-on by recommending LinkedIn. None of the others approach it for business. The ability to cut through layers of red tape in making that perfect contact is awesome. A simple recommendation by a mutual friend can put you in touch with the “titans on industry.”

    There are some other sites however that can be every bit as useful in growing your business, expanding your circle of friends… you name it.

    Just yesterday, I made a new business contact that looks extremely promising through a site called It sounds nutty, but there are people all over the world who post availability to “crash on their couch” online and invite total strangers over to stay.

    While this is not something I recommend to single women traveling alone or anyone uncomfortable with the situation, it can be a great tool as well.

    Sites like these continue to delight, surprise, and reward me.

    Great article, Phyllis!

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