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July 8th, 2008
City Council update

NOTE: I apologize for the lateness of this update. Due to several technical difficulties I could not post this until today, but better late than never.

The San Marcos City Council met on June 1st, first holding a workshop on the possibility of increasing the cap on towing fees in the city. These fees are paid to towers who are called out by police to clear traffic collisions and the vehicles of those arrested for driving while intoxicated, among other offenses. Currently the cap is set at $70 and local towers are looking for an increase, citing the cost of gas and other miscellaneous expenses. The council has been looking at this for several months and is continuing to study the issue.

Newstreamz will be running an in depth story on towing fees in San Marcos in the coming days.

In other business, the council heard on first reading a new ordinance that would establish penalties for businesses that dump grease into the sewage system. The council expressed a concern that smaller businesses could be put at a disadvantage because of aging equipment. Council will explore the possibility of rebates to these businesses, among other options, at future meetings.

City council will meet again at 7 PM at City Hall on July 15th.

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0 thoughts on “City Council update

  1. Dumping grease straight into the sewage system should not be allowed by anybody, regardless of whether it means they need to upgrade their equipment or practices. Businesses need to maintain their equipment.

  2. It’s crazy that people can get away with cutting corners that affect everyone like that. Rebates? Seriously? I am as much for the local business and the “little man” as the next person, but those things are part of the cost of operating a business. If you cannot afford to maintain your equipment, maybe it’s time to rething your business strategy.

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