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July 8th, 2008
Aircraft fire ruled accidental

The San Marcos fire marshal has ruled as accidental the cause of an aircraft fire that destroyed a 30-passenger Dornier 328-100 airplane in a hangar at San Marcos Municipal Airport on June 27.

Fire Marshal Ken Bell said the fire started when a flammable mixture being used to clean the interior of the plane was ignited by an electrical source.

The fire occurred around 11 a.m. on June 27 in a hangar owned by Berry Aviation. A Berry employee was treated for burns suffered in the fire and has since returned to work.

The company was in the process of refurbishing the aircraft, Bell said. The fire started inside the aircraft and was largely contained inside the plane until breaking out from the top of the fuselage and damaging metal support beams of the hangar.

San Marcos Fire Rescue responded quickly to the fire and was credited with saving the other airplanes and the hangar.

“The San Marcos Fire Department performed a magnificent job,” said James Hobizal, Safety Director for Berry Aviation. “They saved four aircraft located on either side of the burning aircraft as well as saving the hangar structure.”

Communications Director – City of San Marcos

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