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July 5th, 2008
Narvaiz says she will seek third term as mayor

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mayor Susan Narvaiz announced her bid for a third term in this press release distributed July 4. The Mercury prints unedited candidate announcement statements for all city and county candidates. Send announcements to or Full text of Narvaiz’s announcement:

San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz announced today that she will seek a third term in November. Elected mayor in 2004, Narvaiz ran unopposed two years ago and credits reform, engagement and progress for San Marcos as mainstays of her campaign. “This is a great time for San Marcos. We are making great progress and I want to be part of continuing prosperity for our town and its citizens” she said.

“After many requests from citizens and supporters, conversations with family and dear friends and much prayer, I have made the decision to seek re-election in November of 2008 to continue to serve the citizens of San Marcos as their Mayor” she added.

Mayor Narvaiz was elected to the San Marcos City Council in June of 2002 as a council member and served two years before her successful mayoral run in 2004. Unopposed, she was re-elected to a second term as Mayor in November 2006. During her tenure as Mayor of the City of San Marcos, Narvaiz has supported and worked hard for reform at city hall, engagement of the citizenry and progress to ensure San Marcos remains viable.

“There is so much for our city to celebrate. We are blessed with wonderful natural resources, Texas State University – a first rate institution of higher learning and a vibrant, energetic pool of talent in all age groups. Collectively these are enviable assets that position us well for the future and I am excited at the prospect of continuing to guide our community” shared Narvaiz. “I am honored to be your Mayor and offer to serve you with the same passion, commitment and creativity that I have for the past 6 years.” said Narvaiz. Narvaiz will officially kick off her campaign at a public rally next Wednesday from 5 to 8 p.m. at the San Marcos River Pub and Grill.

Government reform has been a goal of her six years in public office. “I have enacted reform at city hall by supporting a new financial policy that requires strong fund balances in the three major enterprise funds, adoption of a land development code to encourage thoughtful development and ensure our sense of place sustains San Marcos long into the future, initiating the “one-stop” permit center concept to remove obstacles in the permitting and development process to expedite projects and return revenue to city coffers more quickly, recommending an increase to our property tax exemption for 65 and over and disabled which is now at $25,000, amended economic incentive policies to require that all incentives are tied to job creation with higher wage categories and added the selection of local businesses and vendors as a criteria for consideration and encouraging decorum and respect at the heart of democracy, City Hall” she added.

Narvaiz is proud of her leadership efforts that have encouraged engagement of the citizenry. “I have brought more people to the table in the governing process by initiating the Texas State Student Liaison to the Council position, hosting monthly coffees at city hall, launching the annual Citizen Summit that places the citizen input process at the front end of the budget cycle, introduced the annual State of the City Address to the people of San Marcos, imitated the Recognition Reception for Board and Commission Members, hosted regular neighborhood walks, Mondays with the Mayor, city facilities tours and Clergy Breakfasts.”

Mayor Narvaiz also voted to support moving city elections to November to increase voter participation at a time when more people traditionally remember to go vote.

Her leadership has brought progress to the community to ensure that our city remains viable in the area of economic development and has worked diligently to increase the standard of living” she said. “Together we have completed the Wonder World Drive Overpass, established a Sales Tax Rebate Policy for destination retail which provided for expansions and improvements for our important Outlet Mall partnerships, increased funding and performance standards in the city’s local economic development program, created more than 6,000 jobs that has resulted in an increase of the area per capita income by more than $10,000 per year from 2004 to 2007” she said.

“Other improvements we have seen during my tenure as Mayor include the public/private partnership with Carma Texas which built the Yarrington Bridge Overpass, the city’s second overpass in as many years, the council’s Washington trip that brought us over $11 million dollars in federal appropriations for the Wonder World Extension Project and San Marcos Airport improvements, and our partnership with TxDOT on a multi-million dollar Pass Thru Finance Agreement to pay for the Wonder World extension project that is now getting underway” she added.

Narvaiz has been relentless in pursuing the McCarty Lane/FM 110 Loop project and steered the council through many months of negotiations at the county and state level to ensure that San Marcos citizens did not lose millions of dollars of state money to help pay for the project. She also took on the General Land Office on behalf of the council and city when hundreds of acres of city land was purchased by the state.

“San Marcos has seen much success and increased prosperity since 2004. So many exciting projects have come together for our community. Among the list of things that we will all long remember as most significant moments we have shared are; the transformation of the Rio Vista Dam to the Rio Vista Falls, the amazing private/public partnership which purchased more than 250 acres of precious parkland at the headwaters of our river, now known as the Spring Lake Preserve, the successful relationship between John Q. Hammons, Terry Gilmore and the City of San Marcos which brought the San Marcos Conference Center and Embassy Suites hotel to our town and is slated to open this fall” Narvaiz said.

Other important neighborhood enhancements completed during the last four years noted by Narvaiz include solving the Wastewater Treatment Plant odor problem, Craddock Road improvements, and Post Road improvements. Projects funded and in process include Railroad Quiet Zones, Traffic Signal Synchronization and Rio Vista neighborhood improvements.

Narvaiz and her husband Mike have been married 11 years and share in the lives of their eight children and seven grandchildren. For more information on Narvaiz please go to

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