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Thursday, the Kiwanis of San Marcos held their weekly meeting. The group led by President Pam Cook hosted speakers Scott Gregson and Helen Miers. They spoke about a grass rotes effort to raise $25,000 for a grand piano for San Marcos High School and other issues within the city.
Gregson and Miers have raised $7,000 of the needed $25,000 and spoke about how much community support is needed in this pursuit.

Ted Breihan stepped up for the Kiwanis at the meeting and donated $200 in honor of Angus McCloud and asked other members to beat or match him, several members followed suit in an effort to make the piano more of a reality for the students of San Marcos High School.

Gregson also covered three other topics; community dialog, economic sustainability, and art/music education in our schools. Gregson, Co-owner of Newstreamz San Marcos, talked about how San Marcos is the best place to live in the world, and explained what limited options we have had to communicate with each other in this community. He noted that part of his vision was to create an outlet to further communication among our citizens. He added, ” this is local news about us, by us, and for us.”

Gregson also mentioned that we need, as a city and people, to grow internally and we need to educate our people to stay here and offer better jobs.  He said, “we have what Austin used to be.”

Gregson also spoke about how important it is for us to make sure we educate our kids well. He also noted some interesting facts that art and music should go hand in hand with our children. Our kids are four times more likely to achieve academic success and three times more likely to receive perfect attendance awards if we introduce and get our children involved in the fine arts.

Helen Miers, Head of the Choral Department at San Marcos High School, was the second speaker and she spoke briefly on the upcoming production of Oliver! as well as an overview of upcoming events at San Marcos High School.

Miers said,” San Marcos was where I wanted to come; it is a diamond in the rough and a great place to be.” She told the Kiwanis that if you teach here you need to know the community and the university. She also spoke of the great facilities at San Marcos High School and the high level of talent here. Miers seconded the need for music education by pointing out the SAT scores in our music students are higher than the general population of the student body.

She told the group, “Music is math and math is music.” The music department at San Marcos can drive academics.”

For more information on donating to the piano fund at San Marcos High School contact Scott Gregson at

In Rotary news they welcomed Robert Lucio, Executive Director, Community Council of South Central Texas, Josie Lucio, Campus Technologist at San Marcos High School and Candice Bethke, Spa Practitioner at San Marcos Laser and Body. Bethke also announced a partnership to help the Kiwanis raised needed funds through a donation program in her Mint Monday program. She said more will be released in a future press release.

The group noted that September 18 at 6 p.m. they will hold their annual Installation Banquet at the Price Center.

Helen Miers, Head of the Choral Department at San Marcos High School

Scott Gregson, Co-ower of Newstreamz San Marcos

Candice Bethke, Spa Practitioner at San Marcos Laser and Body

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