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July 2nd, 2008
Kyle cops phase in black and white squad cars

From the City of Kyle

Kyle residents will soon be seeing dramatically more noticeable police cruisers patrolling their neighborhoods.

The new” Black & White” look of the cruisers are a result of the efforts of a “Squad Car Committee” comprised of various officers within the department. The Kyle Police Department has adopted this new image, which is designed to convey a much more meaningful message than just the mere “retro-look” of black & white police cruisers of the past.

Kyle Police Chief Michael Blake said the new look is both demonstrative and symbolic.

“Over the years, both government and commercial fleet vehicles have adopted a fairly generic fleet of cars, trucks and SUV’s in a bright white hue, with or without a varied amount of vinyl graphic designs to distinguish themselves from their peers,” said Blake. “As such, a number of citizens and drivers have now become somewhat desensitized to the presence of a police vehicle.”

Demonstratively, the move to a black and white police cruiser is designed to greatly enhance the perception of police presence, and to help promote a greater sense of personal safety and community well being.

Symbolically, the police department wants to communicate the message that the society is governed upon the rule of law.

“Without a doubt, I’m confident that the new black and white police cruisers will increase the public’s awareness of our commitment to public safety in the City of Kyle,” said City Manger Tom Mattis. “I’m very excited about the process Chief Blake and his officers used to create this distinguished and effective change for our police department.”

To communicate the police department’s core mission of being a values-based, principle-centered organization, the black and white police cruiser also sends a symbolic message to officers and citizens alike; that honor, integrity, and fair and ethical conduct are absolute black and white character traits with no compromise or shades of gray.

In the short term, only three of the police department’s primary patrol vehicle fleet will share the new look. Other vehicles will follow suit during the city’s normal fleet replacement cycle.

Members of the squad car committee include Officer Tracy Vrana, Officer Art Cardona, Sergeant John Dean and Sergeant James Kruse.

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