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Neighbors of the Phi Delta Theta House were surprised by an unusual scene early Monday morning.

A Jeep Cherokee, that had apparent turnover damage, was sitting empty in the parking lot of the Papersmith Supply. John Headrick said, “It was amazing!” as he recounted what took place at 12:45 am. Headrick says he stepped out of the Phi Delta Theta House for a cigarette. When a vehicle cruised off Ranch Road 12, took out his mailbox and continued traveling down the ravine 200 yards. Halfway through, the vehicle flipped several times over and landed on its wheels. As his roommate made the call to emergency, Headrick followed after the vehicle avoiding debris coming from the Cherokee by making a moon shape dash to where the Cherokee ultimately stopped. Headrick arrived at the scene as the two passengers exited the vehicle and asked if they needed emergency assistance. Headrick said it was then when the two Hispanic males ran away from the vehicle and fled the scene.

State Trooper, Eric Flores, arrived at the site after Hays County Sheriff’s Department and San Marcos Fire Department had contained the scene. While investigating the incident, a cell phone that was found in the vehicle by Flores began to ring. The name entered in the ID was “Mino”. Flores said that the speaker on the phone was a Spanish speaking male but the speaker did not stay on the phone with him for longer than 10 seconds.

Investigation of the incident continues. Flores is not sure any charges may be filed against those involved but says DWI charges would be impossible to prosecute. Evidence at the scene suggests that alcohol was involved.

The identification of the owner of the vehicle is also unclear because the plates on the car had been canceled but Flores does know that the Cherokee is registered to a Kyle resident.

While many questions surrounding the event are still yet to be answered. One thing is clear, two, if not more, people will be having an awful day today.



Photos courtesy of Daniel Segura

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0 thoughts on “Drivers left running and are unknown

  1. I would take issue with the first sentence of this story.

    Sadly, this is becoming FAR from unusual in San Marcos. Drivers careening through stone mailboxes, walls and over boulders are common sites these days.

    Add to that the house knocked off its foundation on Holland street, the house hit on one of the side streets, off San Antonio, the apartment building that was hit a few months ago, the house hit on Camaro and the car that went flying past the end of Tanglewood, doing thousands of dollars of damage to the homeowner’s property and bursting into flames as everyone fled the scene; put it all together and you have a trend and not a very pretty one.

    On top of that, there are little niggling issues, like drinks driving the wrong way down IH-35.

    Perhaps being nestled between the 6th and 7th drunkest cities in the country (, we ought to take a more serious look at this problem. I’d say “before something horrible happens,” but it already has, and continues to happen regularly.

  2. “…Eric Flores, arrived at the site after…”

    Actually, site is correct in this usage if Daniel is referring to the location. Although, sight would have worked as well if he were referring to the visual aspect.

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