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June 29th, 2008
Hays, Lehman fall short in state 7-on-7 bid

Editor at Large

BUDA – The summer football season is finished for the outfits from Hays and Lehman High Schools, both of which failed to make the state seven-on-seven tournament in Saturday’s qualifying meet at Bob Shelton Stadium.

Hays came the closer of the two, advancing to the semifinals before losing to the eventual tournament champion, Austin, 44-20. The Rebels then fell to Bowie, 28-6, in the third place game.

Austin went on to defeat Gregory-Portland, 32-26, in the championship game. The top two teams from the 16-team Hays tournament advance to the state tournament, which takes place July 10-12 in College Station. Bowie, the third-place team, will go to College Station if, for some reason, Austin or Gregory-Portland can’t make it.

Hays seven-on-seven coach Trace Shelton, the son of Hays coach Bob Shelton, said the Rebels improved greatly during the summer, despite missing the state tournament for the second straight year. As the coming year’s senior class is heavily into baseball, the Hays team often missed players due to conflicts with baseball tournaments.

Though the seven-on-seven tournament has changed the face of high school football in Texas during the last ten years, drilling skill players in spread offenses to make the passing game more prevalent, the summer game isn’t especially predictive about who will succeed when real football begins in the fall.

“You can get a little bit of a read about how good of a passing team you’ll be,” Trace Shelton said. “But that’s about it.”

Hays swept the three games in its four-team pool with wins of 40-18 over Travis, 27-12 over Weslaco and 25-12 against a new school, San Antonio Johnson.

Lehman won one of three games and didn’t advance through its pool. The Lobos fell 40-12 to Dripping Springs and 38-6 to Austin. The Lobos defeated a junior varsity team from Lake Travis, 40-21.

Lake Travis, the defending champions in Class 4A Division I, declined to send its varsity team to Hays because it already has qualified for the state tournament.

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4 thoughts on “Hays, Lehman fall short in state 7-on-7 bid

  1. It really urks me that you guys are trying to start an exclusive webzine supposedly for all three schools in the Hays County area but all you do is dump on my son’s school LEHMAN. The Hays bias is becoming sickening! I understand that the school has been around longer but they didn’t accomplish much more than we did last year. We had a COACH OF THE YEAR in soccer……DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR in soccer……we had a girls track team INCHES away from amking the state meet we have a senior at Lehman named Kenny Weber who is all-district in two sports and may play football this year and will be on a junior Olympic select team this summer and we have been extremely competitive in every sport outside of football. Good things are happening at LEHMAN! You probably didn’t know about all this stuff because you’re clueless or you don’t care! And whenever you DO decide to cover one of our teams it always seems to be negative…..Hays lost in the 7-on-7 tournament because they weren’t that good and the pool they set up for themselves was weak. It showed in the semis as Austin High beat them soundly. Our kids beat Lake Travis (granted it wasn’t the Garrett Gilbert team, but it wasn’t the JV team. There were some varsity players on it as well. But you guys had to give us a backhanded compliment. Yet HAYS loses and it’s….wait till real football. I think they’re overrated again this season and you’re going to see what happens when they start playing for real! It’s too bad we won’t get to see them play San Marcos in the next two years because San Marcos would kick theeir butts! With the new district starting up this year, I sincerely hope you guys step up your coverage of our school. Thanks!

  2. Hey i think what you guys do is great. dont listen to the people that moan and gripe because their school cant make the playoffs or beat hays at anything besides soccer. which yes i agree lehman does have a good soccer team. and im a good friend of kenny webber ive known him since i was 8. if you want to watch and if you think were overrated..what happned when we beat LEHMAN 55-12 is that overrated. I mean its only you guys 3rd year of varsity playing so stop griping. Win some games. Then come and talk to us. we also beat san marcos the last time we played them in 5A i bet you didnt know that. i hope you dont think that you guys would have a better chance at beating san marcos then we do. As for not being that good in the 7 on 7 league… remind me but didnt we beat LEHMAN twice?… We almost beat Lake Travis when they had Gilbert in. And the whole team was varsity players. Anyway dont get upset at the paper because it doesent cover your school that much. even if it is a website for all three schools. Talk to the free press about it. Or the Kyle eagle.

  3. Hey wait till football starts for real, sonny boy. As far as Hays dominating Lehman, great….I’ll give you that. But when your administarors wriggle the district lines in your favor every year you’re probably going to get a better pool of talent from which to select. Everybody knows that Hays (Shelton) is stockpiling players that should be attending Lehman. Ask any adult in the area. IT’S A FACT!!!!! SHELTON knows it…..DAVIS knows it and I know a lot of your teammates know it, too!!I wasn’t bitching about any school in particular so much as I wanted to express my displeasure for the lack of coverage of anything except Hays football and baseball. That’s all. Sorry I got your panties in a wad. I just hope I’m still around when you guys get your come-uppence and I hope this homer sham of a webzine is there to finally give us our due!!!!!

    P.S. The ONLY paper I read is the FREE PRESS…because they have talented writers and they spread the wealth. Like this website SHOULD be doing!

  4. Mr. Garcia,

    I’m not altogether sure what you’re talking about, and I don’t think you are, either. So far during the run up to football, we’ve had one story each about the Hays, Lehman and San Marcos football schedules, this short seven-on-seven piece with Hays and Lehman, a scrimmage piece about Hays and matching pieces to come about San Marcos and Lehman. It’s true that we hit Hays baseball pretty hard when The Mercury launched in late April, but Hays was in the playoffs and the other local schools weren’t. We haven’t even gotten to a football season, so I’d say you’re jumping the gun.

    I will agree, however, that Hays CISD policies have stacked football in favor of Hays and against Lehman, and I have written about it at length elsewhere in the community. There just isn’t any question about it. The attendance zones left Lehman with a much less affluent population and the open transfer policy just about guaranteed that good football players could easily choose the established program at Hays. As much as I admittedly have a soft spot for Hays football, it’s in poor taste for Hays people to gloat about drubbing Lehman. It’s almost as if they’ve set up a straw man.

    The school board finally has closed some of the transfer loopholes and Lehman now has an ROTC, so kids are starting to go where they’re supposed to go. Steve Davis finally has numbers coming to Lehman, including a freshman class of 52. But he’s working from behind by now. Instead of starting clean and fresh, he has to clean up two years of bad vibes characterized by lopsided shutout losses. Incredibly, a school with about 1,500 students has seven seniors playing football and a varsity totaling 28 players. When the team loses like that, kids don’t want to play. Davis has to reverse that.

    Davis also has to reverse a Lehman culture in which players and parents don’t understand the commitment necessary to succeed in Texas varsity football. Last year, 16 of 72 football players across all levels at Lehman neglected to attend practice on Labor Day. Real football teams don’t take Labor Day off. Honestly, you have a game coming up on Friday and you blow off practice on Monday just because there’s no school? That’s just a lack of commitment and discipline, and you’d better believe it frustrates coaches. If Lehman people aren’t going to be more serious than that, then they shouldn’t expect to be taken seriously, and they certainly shouldn’t expect to win.

    We should cover Lehman better, and we’ll aim to do that, but if they’re going to fall behind mediocre teams 30-0 at halftime because they lack discipline and execution, you shouldn’t be surprised if there’s not a lot to say about them.

    With all that said, I’m pulling for Lehman, because it would be good for everybody if they win, and I respect the hell out of Davis for taking this on and sticking with it. A lot of guys with his pedigree would have escaped by now.

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