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The San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed Post Oak Villas to the Chamber’s family. Jennifer Sherman, Manager/Supervisor, is joined by Iris Smith, Administrative Assistant, and several Chamber Ambassadors. Post Oak Villas has 58 units, 48 efficiency apartments and 10 4-bedroom townhouses, to choose from. They are located at1617 Post Road in San Marcos and can be reached at 512-754-6701, or you can visit them on their website at Please help us in welcoming Post Oak Villas to the Chamber family.

Communications Manager – San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce


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0 thoughts on “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – Post Oak Villas

  1. The Chamber of Commerce should keep an eye on this residence. As a former tenant under this landlord, I can say it wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences. The place is kept in decent condition, and most maintenance requests are handled well, but there are some shady dealings at hand when it comes to charging residents for “damages” or “cleaning” or retaining security deposits. I doubt I was the first or only resident to deal with this problem, especially under her management.

    It’s not the amount of the deposit being retained that is the issue, but the fact that it is being retained illegally according to Texas State Rental Code.

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