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I try to get out into the the green spaces of the world as much as possible, but if I am unable during the week, there is always Saturday morning.  This is a time I reserve for “recharging my batteries.”  It can be a walk in the park, a swim in a river, a hike in the mountains – you name it.  The only criteria is that I get away from the concrete and glass, away from the metal and exhaust…  away to a quieter setting.

Early this morning, my Tibetan Terrier, Lou and I headed to one of our favorite places in San Marcos – Prospect Park.   This little-known park isn’t much in terms of man-made equipment like jungle-gyms, slides or even park benches – but it is so much more – it is nature.

The San Marcos area is rich with great natural areas – they surround us on all sides – heck, they run right through the middle of our city.

Just a twenty minute walk on a cool morning with my buddy is enough to cure my “NDD” (nature deficit disorder) and set things right again.  My energy level increases, my blood pressure drops and my creativity explodes.  I find that the experience is much more powerful if I leave my iPod, cell phone, PDA, and all the other gadgetry of the world behind and just live in the “now.”

The experience touches all of my senses.  The birds, grasshoppers, squirrels and wind in the leaves become a symphony.  The aroma of grass mixes flawlessly with the scent of earth and animal alike.  The feel of tree bark, pine needles – even rock – connects me with the planet.  When I sit still and absorb my surroundings, I notice the thousands of different stories  – a bird protecting it’s nest – a lizard stalking an ant – a leaf giving up the struggle to stay connected to a twig in the wind.

Life is good.

— Chris Doelle

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0 thoughts on “Are you taking advantage of all you have around you?

  1. Good blog on Prospect.
    For more info on the greenspaces, (from the hardworking folks who brought them to life!):

    Weekly hike/walk every Sunday morning @8:00 at Prospect Street trailhead if you want to experience more of the park.

    The Wonderworld Drive extension will be coming through soon, so get out and experience it now.

  2. Nice article, Chris. I live at the trailhead of Prospect Park (I’m in the house with all the bikes, scooters and kid toys littering the yard!)and have seen usage increase dramatically over the last two years. The City and the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance have done amazing work with the trails and amenities here. What started out as a small 9 acre neighborhood park is now a part of a 500 acre greenspace for all to enjoy. I appreciated seeing the picture of your cute dog on a leash! The park has become a popular spot for dogs to come with their people, but a great many of the dogs are not leashed. FYI, there is another entrance to the Purgatory Greenspace at the end of Franklin Drive (northwest from Prospect) for a change of pace- a little quieter and less developed, at least until funding is secured for improvements there…Go outside!

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