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June 25th, 2008
River Crossing

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(from the sermon series, “River Crossing” – Mike Schlimgen, Solid Rock Church)

We all have rivers to cross. What do I mean? Recently, at Solid Rock Church, we have been learning about the rivers or barriers we have to cross in order to accomplish our goals in life. The concept of River Crossing, was taken from Joshua 1:1-17 in the Bible.

After the death of Moses, Joshua was commissioned by God to continue leading the people to the “promised land.” But first, Joshua had to lead the people across the flooded Jordan River. This was an almost impossible task, but with faith in God, Joshua and his army marched across the Jordan.

There are times when our life is very similar to this “river crossing.” We can look out across the river of life and see the other side, the “promised land.” This is the place we want to be in life, but before we get there we have to cross the mighty river that is life puts in our path. The river is the big barrier that seems almost impossible to cross.

In our own lives, the river may be anything that is keeping you from accomplishing your dreams. Maybe your river is financial debt that is keeping you from your dream of buying a new home. Perhaps the river is just the lack of motivation to exercise and live the healthy lifestyle you always wanted.

With God there is a way across the river! Joshua needed God’s help to cross the Jordan. When Joshua ordered, in faith, his men to step foot into the river the Almighty God once again moved water to allowing the people of Israel to cross without hindrance.

In the same way, we need to have a “strong and courageous” faith in our God. The promises God made with Moses and Joshua, are also with you and me. No matter what your goal is in life, whether it is health issues, financial, relational or even a walk of faith, we can be victorious with God’s help.

Maybe you are approaching a river, or perhaps neck high in the flood, take a step of faith. Find a local Bible believing church in San Marcos, and seek God’s help to navigate life’s rivers.

Philippians 4:13

I can do everything through him (the Lord) who gives me strength.

Associate Pastor –
Solid Rock Church

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