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San Marcos is home to one of the most uncommon sports in the world: unicycle football. If you haven’t already seen a game or practice in the vacant parking lot next to Tantra Coffee House, you are missing out on a great experience.

The Unicycle Football League (UFL) consists of three teams: The Hot Dogs, The Unicychos and The Gnarwals. The league was started by Marcus Garland, team captain of The Hot Dogs.

“The Hot Dogs just won the only playoff game to see who plays The Unicychos in what we’re calling ‘The Stupor Bowl'”Garland Said.

Since the first game the amount of support for the league has grown. Not only has the crowd grown steadily, but sponsorships from Ozone bikes, The Hub and Tantra Coffee House have helped the league expand.

“I’m hoping to get season two going, we’ve had some injuries which has made this like a real football season.”Garland said “We would like to get a fourth team for next season.”

Aldon Mines, a member of The Hot Dogs, has seen the league grow from the first game.

“It was really funny when we first started playing because, you know, we were playing football on unicycles.” Mines said “After the first couple of games people didn’t laugh about the unicycles anymore; people got competitive.”

Amazingly there were very few players who knew how to ride a unicycle before the league started.

“Everyone learned to ride unicycles just to play unicycle football.” Garland said “Only about four riders had much experience out of the 34 unicycles sold so far.”

If you are curious about unicycling Garland urges anyone to stop by Tantra Coffee House and learn how to ride. During the regular season, practices are held on Sunday afternoons while games are on Wednesday nights and followed by an after game celebration at Tantra Coffee House.

“If you want a unicycle or want to learn to play, come out and learn. There is no commitment, you don’t even have to play football.” Garland said and added “Come to the games, we really want the town’s support.”



Photos by Ross Fry

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7 thoughts on “Unique sports league launches in San Marcos

  1. (Doing my very best impersonation of Captain Kirk screaming at Khan) DAAAAAAAAAVE!

    Forgive the inside joke, but Dave’s post is designed to play on my inability to turn down a challenge. (I’m sending you the hospital bill after I give it a try Dave.)

  2. The Stupor Bowl will be July 13th at Tantra coffeehouse at 6pm. Our halftime show is Unsurpassed Profit and One Eyed Doll will play in the yard after the Game!!!!!

    Did I mention It’s Free? Bring your friends, foes and family Marcus

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